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Should medics have weapons training???

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    In my opinion medics have the most noble undertaking as part of their job:
    Life saving!
    The rest of us are trained for, well lets face it, we are trained for killing.
    Give them weapons training, they are soldiers after all, not just medics.

    They have my full respect!


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      To quote Band of Brothers

      "If you were in my platoon, I would tell you you were a rifleman first, radio man second"
      - Lt. Winters

      Take the D-day landings. What if you were a medic in the 101st airborne. You land somewhere in normandy, and find a mixed platoon of men from various companies and they are going to take over a gun position, until they realise that there are four medics in the platoon, who have not had weapons training, tactical training etc. You there fore have 4 guys who or little or no use to you, until your guys start getting injured.

      My point is a medic should be a soldier with advance medical training, Not a soldier with basic soldiering skills.
      Theres no place like


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        As I understand it you can have two types of medic.

        One is basically a standard soldier, with medic training, who carries a rifle and operates as a soldier when not dealing with casualties.

        The second is primarily a medic, who has military training, but is not a combatant. Normally these only carry sidearms for self protection.

        Only the latter can display a Red Cross insignia, under the Geneva Convention.

        The non-combatant medic still needs weapons training for two reasons, self defence if attacked, and to make safe weapons carried by casualties.
        With 50,000 men getting killed a week, who's going to miss a pigeon?

        Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people.


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          Yellowjacket, you are correct however the non-combatant medic also needs to be armed to defend the casualty if needs be.


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            I'll train any Medics in rifle and LMG. No problem at all. You come see me. Payback : do our Audios in Bricins for us... hint hint.
            "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

            "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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              Does anyone think that basic training should be the same for everyone, foot-drill, arms-drill, marksmanship, basic fieldcraft etc. Essentially through all the corps units, the training is the same to two star level, then you specialise in your area be it engineering, artillery or air defence, what makes the medics so special. I say all soldiers must have basic training no matter what corps they're in.


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                I did not realise that medics never did the same basic training as the rest of us...

                Well, if the don't then they should really!!


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                  In the southern brigade, each year we have the Col PP Barry cup, this year all untis were ordered to submit teams, the medics didn't have to compete in the falling plates competition event at all. Looks like the powers that be couldn't really be bothered with weapon training for medics.


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                    Can't recall offhand, but did they have to carry rifles like the rest of us on the Forced March?


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                      Didn't see them, too busy recovering after it myself


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                        If I recall correctly, the doctor with the Tranpsort Coy in Somalia carried a BAP when doing house calls for the locals.


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                          Just picking up on something trellheim said. I'll give you weapons trg if you do our audiograms ect

                          Herein lies the very problem in the Irish DF. People presume you automatically get stuck in a hosp if you are a medic. Not true.

                          If the RDF has any sense when the new logs BN is formed it will allow the med coy to operate as a field med coy. IE infantry soldiers whose primary role on the battlefield is med treatment.

                          This would be easily attainable if implemented from the start.
                          However I dont see it happening as people seem to have preconceived ideas about what medics are supposed to do


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                            In my recruit platoon, there was at least one member of the platoon sent to the Medical Corps after he completed all of his basic recruit training and his 3 star infantry training. The PDF medics complete all of the same training as everybody else and are only assigned as medics after the successful completion of that training. That's the way it used to be and I have not heard anything any different about that. As far as I am aware, the only enlisted personnel in the PDF that do not complete all of the basic infantry training to the 3 star level are the members who are specifically enlisted as bandsmen and the apprentices who are enlisted to train in specific trades. The apprentices do complete a rather watered down version of the training but they do have weapons training. My understanding is that that they were always seperated due to the fact that many of them were only 16 years old upon enlistment as apprentices and I don't think this has changed either. Correct me if I am wrong. When promotion time comes around, all of these guys (with the exception again of bandsmen) have to complete the same infantry NCO"s courses which are basically the same as recruit training all over again.


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                              To the best of my knowledge you are correct in everything you've just said


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                                Saw a Brit Ambulance APC in Basra, big red crosses on the side, and the guy in the turret with an SA-80. Must have big mosquitos in southern Iraq.