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    Does anyone know what martial arts training you can do in the army, if any? I noticed Judo competiitons etc. listed in An Cosantor and Connect and was just wondering if there were army clubs for this or do people do it on their own time outside the Defence Forces?

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    Krav Maga?


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      Not this again, I made the mistake of asking this once.
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        I was just wondering cos I always see competitions listed in An Cosantor etc.


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          Yes there is a good Judo following in the DF, there is yearly competitions and we (not me personnally) have fought and beat the shite out of the Gardai, ( only in the competitions and outside tram co)

          if you d a different style and wish to set up a club, most units would jump at the chance to have an extra degree of fitness training and shite kicking ability

          after christmas, you should be learning stages of unarmed combat UAC
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