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Fake meal receipts...

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  • Fake meal receipts...

    Originally posted by John
    The Irish Independent 14 Sept. 2005

    Probe into Army's €60,000 fake meal receipts

    AN investigation is underway into a scam in which the Army paid out up to €60,000 on foot of bogus meal receipts presented by a small number of members over a six-year period.

    Defence Minister Willie O'Dea last night confirmed to the Irish Independent that the matter has been brought to his attention and is now the subject of an "extensive" investigation by the Defence Forces.

    The minister said that while the Defence Forces themselves are carrying out the probe, he has demanded a full written report be on his desk today in relation to the matter.

    A spokesperson for the Army last night confirmed that they have initiated a military police investigation into "irregular accounting procedures" in relation to one FCA unit.

    While the Army spokesperson would not comment on the specifics of the allegations, the Irish Independent has learned that the FCA unit at the centre of the probe is based in the Munster region.

    The probe relates to irregular payments made for meals for FCA volunteers on field-days in three towns dating back over five or six years.

    Army members are assigned to field days and sign for meals and it is understood that the members in question were building up "credit" with three hotels by signing for more meals than were consumed by volunteers attending the field days.

    There is no suggestion of money changing hands or that the hotels were profiting from the arrangement, but it is understood members would benefit by having the meal credits to use on other private occasions.

    It is also understood that the hotels in question are to reimburse the Army for the amount outstanding.

    Eugene Hogan
    Ok lads...own up who was it?
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    A unit who have gone beyond the call of duty in promoting the RDF... well done ... you muppets.
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      Originally posted by Itchy
      Ok lads...own up who was it?
      It was the 3rd....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h. Thunk.

      There is no suggestion of money changing hands or that the hotels were profiting from the arrangement, but it is understood members would benefit by having the meal credits to use on other private occasions.
      Of course not.
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      Originally posted by hedgehog
      My favourite moment was when the
      Originally posted by hedgehog
      red headed old dear got a smack on her ginger head


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        All despicable etc, I just hope the same level of investigative endeavor is placed into examining expense receipts submitted by politicians...


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          This thread is being closed to prevent speculation and possible litigation.
          It will however be reopened when the investigation is complete.

          Thank you for your understanding.


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            eh ted!

            Just on the point of the two boys from the southern brigade with the lovely gardens and the Diners club card..told ya....! who sold the media that crock of shit...if ya want the truth...ask the Orb!....
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              For those of us not in the know... could you please elaborate?


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                yeah!! dish the dirt. Oh wait is this about those two that scamed the army outta some money.

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                  According to Paul Williams report on the radio, two Q's were involved and they never profited from any of the money that was unspent. They bought stuff they needed for the unit in question and anything they did was for the good unit. The jist was that there was no criminal intent.

                  As to what unit it was... One cadre has already resigned and another is on the way out...if that sounds like your unit...will ye let us know....
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                    Hmmm...if they were two from the 3rd, I know one of them...he was attached to my company and recetly, resigned in much confusion. There's more to this story than is out.
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                      No they were not from the 3rd Inf Bn. They were from the 3rd *cough* from Co. Tipperary, and it's not the Cav.


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                        Ahhhhh. Them. Can you prove it???
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                          was in the glen last week talken to a sgt from the 31st far and it involved the q from their old unit
                          (the old far unit) and accorden to him they did no such thing as useing the funds for the unit it was [MOD: Edit] saying that the 31st has some great new cadre staff and they must be doing their job because they now have dpm raingear and the dryflow system but there was still a lot of pissed off people from their unit over the affair.


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                            Hearsay is great in the pub.

                            When accusations are voiced on a public forum the caretakers of that forum are liable for any action that may ensue.

                            We all know what happened and thank God it never happened in our units. Glasshouses are made from glass.

                            I am closing this thread.