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RDF : How many hours a week do you put in ?

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  • RDF : How many hours a week do you put in ?

    Just wanted to know from my point of view ... how many hours a week would you put in ...

    parade is 2-3 hours a week , some units parade twice a week ...

    that's 6 hours a week ...

    some also put in a tremendous amount more .. recruiting springs to mind ... bringing paperwork home for some in the leadership and admin roles , organizing , going into barracks to get PDF assists on stuff....

    How many hours would you give yourself [ a year / a month / a week etc ? ]

    strip out active service like camps and duties
    strip out time swilling pints afterwards
    unfortunately, strip out time on IMO also.

    Not really a poll, but interested
    "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

    "No, they're trying to fly the tank"

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    Well thanks for the well-thought out and reasoned answer there, bucket 2, from the
    answer you sound like a PDF member who hasn't read the "RDF" part of the title.
    "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

    "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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      i put in 2hours a week cause we only parade once a week!!
      Cheers Bernard......


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        2 hours at training (if i'm not working) & about the same in preparation of lessons and uniform.

        Now spend another hour + travelling to my centre.
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          Originally posted by Bucket 2
          no need to be like that. sure we are all the one now.
          With the exception of the integrated element of the RDF, we are no more or less "all the one" than we were before Saturday


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            Anything between 4 and 48 hours a week. More if I include the time spent on personal fitness.


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              It depends on what is on anything from x to y, a week it depends. It also depends on the work situation, like this week Ive spend nearly my whole time in Beamish and Crawford in cork working on machinery for them.
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                i am a member of the TA and was reading this thread:
                Given the obvious pay differences i'm suprised any of you go in at all, let alone spend any extra time on it. Are the Irish reserve likely for a call out of any sorts? If so would you pay match your civvie wage?
                Fair play to you for putting in all that time for nothing. I thought our govt was f**king us over!!


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                  Was putting in about 8 hours a week and unknown hours on phonecalls and prep.

                  Managed to get it down to 7


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                    Well, considering your average phone call lasts one hour..... thats not much...

                    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                      well with travel i guess a parade night 3 hours if i had a lesson or something to brush up on you got another hour or two. fielday say another 4 - 5 hours say 10 - 15 a year and. usualy did 2X 24 hour exersises pre reorg. shooting teams another 10 hours this year.
                      so heres the sience bit
                      3 X 40 for parade nights 120
                      4 x 15 for fieldays 60 definately a low guess
                      2 x 24 48
                      10 hours for shooting
                      5 hours for paddys day parade
                      so added all together about 243 hours per year
                      that is not incuding camps which i have done at least 2 per year

                      think i need a new hobby .
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