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  • MP's on M50

    This morning on the M50 motorway an MP on a motorcycle nearly caused a minor pile-up.

    He stopped on the hatch markings on the north-bound Naas Rd/M50 slip road. As traffic approached he put up his right hand to stop traffic. The "purpose" of doing this was to, Guess what ! - To allow two Army trucks (towing AA guns) and two MP jeeps join the motorway !

    For a start ,

    Did he have any lawful right to signal traffic to stop ?


    What was all the high drama for ?

    The "convoy" included an MP jeep complete with blue flashing lights and two motorcycle outriders complete with blue beacons also.

    For What ? To escort two trucks towing AA guns !
    Hardly an urgent, or life threatning, mission !

    A lot of people were startled when they saw the motorbike with blue flashing beacon up ahead on the motorway, thinking that there might be an accident scene ahead.

    There was absolutely no need to request traffic to stop. The mini convoy could have easily merged with other traffic, with an outrider at the front and rear.

    It was real case of bravado on the part of the MP's which could have caused a serious accident
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    take it up with the local Provost marshal!
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      Wha ?

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        the Provost marshal reports to the G.O.C. on matters of security/disipline within the DF's

        or you could say hs is .... (drum roll)

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          Every member of the DF has the authority to direct traffic, read "The Rules Of The Road" on sale in Easons.
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            Does that include us "lowly" members of the RDF?
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              Enlighten me, Vice Admiral,

              Where in the Rules of the Road does it state that "every member of the DF has the authority to direct traffic" (i.e. in Peacetime, and without a Garda present) ?
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                Re: Redcaps On Tour


                MP's DO NOT have the authority to stop civilian traffic on a public road, and especially on a MOTORWAY. In the Rules Of The Road, don't remember the page number, there is a list of individuals for whom traffic MUST yield on a public road, namely:

                1. Gardai
                2. School Wardens
                3. Lollipop man/woman
                4. Anyone herding animals
                5. Pedestrians

                .... and I'm almost sure there's two more. MP's are not on this list. If this convoy wanted ease of movement on the M50, they should have contacted their local Gardai, who would have facilitated them, no bother.......
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                  Cheers Truck Driver, I thought as much.

                  The motorbike MP I mentioned didn't need to stop traffic, the mini convoy (only six vehicles in total ! ) could have easily merged with the motorway traffic.

                  As I stated above, he nearly caused a minor pile-up by raising his hand.

                  It was a stupid thing to do.

                  Are these motorbike MP's trained properly ?

                  Does such a convoy merit a "blue light" escort ?
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                    I knew there was SOMETHING about this kind of thing in
                    the Defence Act


                    but that probably doesn't apply here.

                    One of the missing ones in the Rules of the Road is a construction worker.

                    If anyone wants to search all the Road Traffic Acts for the definitive answer feel free !

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                      Ive seen PM`s on the roads most days on the roads around me most days and Ive good used to them over taking.
                      I could talk about a very similiar incidient that happined close to my place last year but I wont as it breaks a few rules. I will say the PM`s pi**ed off a load of locals:p :p :p
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                        It says on they can during wartime.
                        So unless there use the war on iraq as a excuse to do it the MPs should not be trying to control normal traffic.


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                          What Provost Marshal should I contact ?

                          And where would I get contact details ?

                          (I'm not in the DF's, so don't have access to such details)

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                            I asked a garda about this before I posted on the subject and to the best of his knowledge MP's have no authority to stop traffic outside of military property.


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                              I came across something similar in Castlebar a few years back..basically their purpose is not to stop traffic,but to make sure the convoy gets on the road safely..they have no power,but it is considered good driving courtesy to stop for them..If you didnt stop,well...tough!
                              The MP..even if his bike is disgiesed as a garda bike has no jurisdiction over civilian Vehicles. Gardai in cork had a run in with 1GRN MP over something similar,they used to do speed traps with the nissans in a spot often frequented by the Traffic Corps,Civvy drivers saw the yellow jacket and blue strobe ,in a hind of green jam sandwich way,and slammed on the anchors. CN Divisional HQ sent a nasty letter to mp unit suggesting that if they continued they would be summonsed for Impersonation of a garda,and dangerous parking.

                              So in future,if u see the PA with the lamh in the air,on the M50,feel free to drive over him..the rules clearly state that you MUST NOT park on the motorway..:D

                              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.