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    Can anyone tell me the rules with regard to the falling plates with the steyr?
    I hear NCOs can fire is this true? if so is their a limit on the number of NCOs or can the entire team be made up of NCOs?
    Also are helmets worn for the competition? and what would be the time required to win an all army.......

    all help would be appreciated........

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    Yep, One NCO is team captain and cannot fire while one other NCO can be a member of the team and fire, at least that's what is done in my unit. It's more usual however to have 1 NCO and the rest PTE's.


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      thanks loque,

      i know NCOs werent allowed to fire with the FN as it wasnt an NCOs weapon, what I was told was that the ban on NCOs was lifted for the steyr and that no limit was placed on the number of ncos
      but that most units still use mostly Ptes as they are usually faster in the run.......

      can anyone confirm the rules for definite????


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        The eastern brigade seems to have put a different interpretation on the rules. Last year there was no restriction on NCO's taking part in the team as there was still a transition between the steyr and the FN. Strangely enough this appears to have continued into this year (with some units knowing about it and others not). I would be very interested in knowing what the rules are at All Army level.

        Incidently the reason behind the composition of the falling plates is to represent the manouver group of the section putting in an attack (old tactics and old structure), whether or not the FN was an NCO's weapon or not was irrelevant.


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          you may submit as many NCOs as you like.

          The FN was seen as a rifle mans weapon and NCOs carried the SMG.

          The Steyr is an all ranks weapon and as aresult NCOs may run.

          The dress for the run is 58 pattern CEFO combats and service headress.

          Helmets were mentioned in last years competition but at the actual events the service headress was used..This years rules make no mention of helmets....but does stipulate 58 pattern CEFO eventhough there is a pool stock of PLCE available to each brigade.
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            Well In My Day (before the Steyr) NCO's on the Falling Plates carried a SMG for show. now the SMG is gone (not forgotten tho ) And the Steyr is the Weapon of Choice so Pte's, Cpls And Sgt's (in any Numbers) can be on a team.

            Most units stick with Pte's though, the falling plates really encourages accuracy in the lower ranks.

            speaking from experience of course (i'll post my Cavan crystal from the all army falling plates if you want)

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              As for the 58 pattern,I found them an advantage the last time,as while the PLCE takes the magazine quite snugly,it can be a job getting it out in a hurry,while for the most part,with 58 pat,it will fall out as soon as you open the pouch.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                The FN was a Sgts weapon and there were never any Sgts on the falling plates team. I think the use of NCOs is a cop out and destroys the spirit of the competition (and Bailer I too can post Cavan Crystal at that level).

                I agree with you on the 58 pattern, I was looking at those with plce and those with 58 and I definately think the 58 pattern will be an advantage.

                So is it confirmed that the rules have changed at All Army level?


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                  Yeah the 58 pattern is an advantage if you still have your magazines when you reach the firing point.....
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                    Keep your left hand on the pouch


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                      I Believe Touching The Pouch before reaching the Firing Point is an Immediate Disqualification. Certainly we had them checked before beginning to make sure they were closed and sealed.

                      The 58 was Handy in getting them out I can agree that it might be a bit dodgy on the PLCE.

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                        No, once the whistle has blown you can have your hand on the pouch. Another thing, you can actually have both magazines out on the firing point. Also antother tricks is to...........(I am giving to much away)


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                          Yeah at the all army one year we had a S bde officer Stop the firing becasue someone had put the 2 mags on the Firing Point. The Firing Point officer told him to feck off or something to that effect.

                          Later on the Same officer stopped a Private from firing because he believed he'd opened his pouch on the way to the Firing point. The Pte. Claimed he was only holding the pouch. This time the FPO disqualified him!

                          There are loads of tricks
                          Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!


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                            There is enough sets of 58 pattern stuff out there to get a good set where the pouch won't open on its own.


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                              The rule is that the pouch is not to be opened until one knee has hit the firiing point.
                              pouches will be closed at all time s until then.Iwould reckon that a hand on the pouche would be deemed as a effort to open the way how come I didn't see all the self proclaimed experts at last years all army in Finner.If Iremember correctly the unit that came first are not represented here........

                              I appreciate the comments but are they relavent as last year was the first year that the competition was run using the Steyr.

                              the competition is in Kilworth this year how will the Dubs cope with all the fresh air...see you there guys and you can discuss all you're secrets over a few pints in the Glocca.
                              Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe