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    Originally posted by hptmurphy
    The dress for the run is 58 pattern CEFO combats and service headress.
    Just curious but I've often wondered what exactly CEFO stands for. I've seen it used a number of times and never found out exactly what it meant.Anyone care to let me know? (I'm not in the military as you've probably guessed)


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      CEFO - Combat. equipment. fighting.order.
      CEMO -

      Hope that fills u in!!
      Live long and prosper!


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        Thanks for that Erwin. Yeah that quenches my curiosity until the next abbreviation anyway.


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          As a matter of fact !!the winning unit in last years falling plates competition are was one of the 7. No hands to touch the pouches until one knee on the ground. Not sure about PLCE in this years competition. As it is not on offical issue to the RDF despite what the poster shows, it would be unfair for the power that be to put it in the rules, although if they give us it for keeps i will gladly wear it.
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            The last unit to win wiht the FN and the first unit to win with the Styer...could there be a three in a row on the cards..going by last years teams it should be a great, and i mean that seriously, competition from Brigade right up too the All-Army as there is little between the teams now. Only wish they would give the winners a chance to go up against the Professional's i.e. the PDF.. Not saying we would do it but it would be nice to try it as an ALL-ALL- Army competition...


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              Hpt Murph,

              I'll be in the Cloco This weekend,

              Fresh air is no problem to us try spending a week in kilbride!!

              Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!


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                So Eagleeye, being the resident expert, is the competition from now on to include NCOs on the firing line?


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                  Yes it sure is, the competition as we know it, going on last years setup is open pte's NCO's. Although it is mainly still pte's NCO's are now allowed to be part of the 6 on the firing point as well as having an NCO's running behind the team. No hand to come in contact with the pouch until on the firing point, one knee on the ground. I have seen re-runs because this rule was broken. Strating to get quite strict, and safety is the KEY issue, as we have found out the bad way in the past...

                  The styer is no adventage in the plates in fact i prefered the FN with is sight as it was easier to know your exact point of aim. Trying viewing a 1 foot square plate at 200m through the Styer sight and you will understand what i mean.

                  A great competition to partake in as well as observe, last year in Finner was just great, it was like an obstacle course just trying to reach the firing point in the sand with rabbit holes everywhere...Millions of the little buggers.. And lads/ladies what an NCO's mess they have in Finner, its 1st Class.
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                    Yeah have to agree finners facilities are second to none. EE so it was you who bet us in the brigade last year...remember the weather.....complete turn around from finner...don't fancy our chances much this year...half our team are over the hill ..including me and the other half will be wrecked from all the orienteering

                    Bailer ...spent a weekend in Kilbride last year as part of the Cavalry Troop assess ment...****ing holiday camp....wait until u see and cold running slurry...stay out of the mess its leathal....make sure all the cadets have gone home ...they've just put in 14 days tactics in the place....bit of suffering is good for the soul
                    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe