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  • Recruits

    one to stir up a bit of controversy
    should recruits be issued with full kit ,recently seen a gaggle of recruits but if i see half of them next year id be amazed ,while the lifers get a bare minimum (2 green t shirts )sure we were all recruits once but how many of the people that you did recruit camp with have been seen since a total waste of money , perhaps an old green uniform should be issued or an alternitive if they really want to be in they wouldnt mind
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    I think that there should be staged issuing of equipment. The Recruit should also be made financially responsible for their equipment if they leave within a certain time period (ie less than 2 years give cost of uniforms other equip etc.)

    Can RDFers buy extra equip these days? It's been a while since I was around. If not, they should be allowed to.

    Of course, there is the other extreme: I remember we didn't even get our unit flash until we finished camp actually....



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      its a good point.... issuing recruits with DPM kit only for them to leave after their first camp is a shocking waste. there are several thousand wardrobes around the country belonging to former recruits with barely-used smocks and combat trousers that could have been put to good use by those who stayed in. maybe letters should be sent out,the uniforms taken back,and re-issued. we could all do with extra rights we should have one set for tactics and one set for use around the barracks.
      kermit,who got the confiscated uniform? :D


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        The Corporal I Bet kept it for himself, There was a time when you went to the PDF they Let you keep your Uniform "Unofficially" and Only asked for your beret back. It is A Shame the amount of gear that Gets wasted On these.

        About the Unit Flash. We Weren't allowed Wear our Bn flash Until After Recruit Camp Either. It was Like you weren't Part of the Unit till you did Camp.

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          Yeah. That's what we were told, except one corporal summerised it more succinctly than that:

          "We're not having you f*cking retards marching around like the f*cking Bushwackers with our unit flash on your arms. You get your f*cking flash when you learn how to f*cking march properly!"

          He may have used a bit more swear words though.


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            Well, it's a waste giving recruits the full kit as most of them give up the RDF after the first camp/year or service. In my unit they try dish out the gear as needed but recruits get priority because they have nothing whereas the lifers have most of the gear. Even if a uniform is returned without being worn it is still susposed to be destroyed, this is a real waste of clothing.


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              Not anymore, pre-used uniforms can be dry cleaned and issued out as spares and replacements (not initial issue). A good CQ will ensure that all uniforms are returned and a stock is kept (for emergencies).


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                Bravo20, we used to do this unofficially, all returned uniforms went into a "Rag Pool" , sometimes some of this kit was given out as spare.


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                  Strange - you think you're the only one ... and then ... However you are encouraged to look at the following :

                  R5 Para 171; Defence Act 1954 Para 157;Defence Act 1954 Para 245

                  available on the web in the usual public domain locations.
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                    Reclaiming Issed Kit

                    Has anybody else had experience of kit been taken back?
                    Funnily enough, we’ve managed to keep our recruits from last year so it hasn’t happened up here, but I’d love to know it was going on elsewhere in the DF. I know by the amount of builders, etc wearing old Green uniforms that it didn’t happen before, but I think it would reflect well on the new RDF if DPMs didn’t become fashion items.


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                      It happened before, it has been happening since the foundation of the organisation, the problem is that it happens on an ad-hoc basis.


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                        I do think it is a waste, i think the smock costs 170 quid alone however do we want treat our recurits as second class soliders? surely that isnt the way to encourage their commitment. I think perhaps a few questions when they are joining up like can you make the commitment for the next 12 months and a bit of "severe" cofd experience on the sqaure before they are issued kit would weed out the drop outs quicker.

                        Another policy that could be looked at is ringing non paraders, ask they why they arent comming back, a lot of parents (and lets face it most of the recurits live at home) would be sick of the fca ringing their house every week looking for an absent recurit and that would either get them to turn up or get them off the books
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                          The main problem is that recruits just drop out unofficially and don't bother handing in their uniform. If they are actually discharged, they have to hand it back. I think they should only be given the minimum until recruit camp is over.


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                            The only problem with that is the catch-22 it creates - if we don’t issue our recruits with the kit they need on recruit, we will be faced with the problem of the second issue being left on the long finger and quite possibly people never getting issued with some items of kit. In fairness, who here has got their full issue yet? I think the only solution is to give the full issue initially but ensure that anybody not turning up must turn in their kit.


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                              The best solution is as Big Al has stated, annoy non-paraders with phone calls until they return their kit. If they won't give it back send the friendly MP's around, I'm sure they've nothing else better to do.