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    Originally posted by bulldemboots!
    Congratulations to Support Company for winning the competition yesterday.

    If anyone has a photo of the winning team (to go on the website) I would appreciate it if you would contact me.
    What competition??, I hear that there must of been something on from a civilian who saw a group of people in uniform on Sunday. You miss one parade and look what happens.

    MOD: Actually I've used looked in my diary - I knew there was SOMETHING happen last Sunday but didn't know exactly what, I was working anyway so wouldn't have been able to meet it.
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    Who is responsible for telling absentees about field days?
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      So, one must keep themselves informed. The unit has no responsibility in this matter? Look at Devs post. He misses one meeting and wham bam thank you mam he doesnt exist.
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        I would think it should be the responsibility of his senior - the platoon commander.

        If I had a section under me which didn't keep changing I would be happy to keep them informed of such events if one of them didn't turn up the odd time.


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          Incorrect , the event in question had been flagged 5 weeks previous. Not a fault at Bn HQ
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            In my opinion this was ANOTHER shambles by the command of my company. If it wasn't bad enough the officers screwed it up, they went and blamed the troops for being unable to go on sunday, after being told about it that night. They wasted ANOTHER training night also on making sure all those who COULDN'T be there went over all the stuff that might come up.

            They are complete idiots.
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              With the greatest respect to you and your opinion, may I suggest that you take this matter up in-house.


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                Originally posted by kermit
                Well said Joshua. IMO has become a place for airing ones dirty underwear in public of late.

                Is this not an open forum where someone can express opinions? As you have just done???

                Joshua, that's a good suggestion, and one which we have already made headway on.

                Originally posted by kermit
                People, hiding behind an apparant form of anonymity, making scurillious allegations against their Coy Commanders and other Officers. If you have a problem with your superiors, be a man, and take it up internally to their faces.

                Kermit, believe it or not, I’m not hiding from anybody. The allegations are far from scurrilous. Myself and two other individuals have taken matters concerning the treatment of the troops to my direct superiors already concerning this recent debacle, and others. Don’t make assumptions that because i voice an opinion here, means i won't act with some self respect and approach those with the ability to rectify something. My opinion is, if something is not working, fix it. I expressed my opinion in this thread because it directly concerned my battalion. It is something which i am concerned about and i expressed my opinion. If you take offence to any of my posts you are quite entitled to pm an admin.

                By the way, you wouldn't happen to be an officer??????
                Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.


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                  Right, lets get away from this specific example and try and come up with solutions.

                  How should personnel (including everyone from coy commander) be kept informed of upcoming events?


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                    A web page would be pretty handy. But you would have to put security on it and not everyone would have access to it.

                    Ringing people is too expensive and time consuming.

                    An up to date schedule is a good idea. But if it changes you're back to square one.
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                      Some good ideas in the web text thread. If all members chose to subsribe to txt's from the company about upcoming events and asked to contact lt x or sgt y about further details.
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                        Wasn't there an order of the day handed down recently banning the use of SMS messages for the sending of information about Reserve related events.
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                          An officer in my unit said it best to us. He said that basically we (the 3* pte's ) are trained men and should make it our business to keep ourselves informed.
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                            I refer to all information - not just field days etc.

                            I contend that too much information is given verbally as opposed in other forms, such as text alerts, emails, notice boards, circular letters, annual planners (that are accurate and kept to) etc. And I don't mean giving 3/4 days notice as is often the case.

                            Too often is information delayed from reaching the people who need to know - the privates. We have to accept that not everyone is able to attend every training parade, but they shouldn't have to text/phone someone to find out if anything is happening this weekend.

                            If some of the other forms of communications were used attendance might be better.


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                              ah its all a load of shite anyway....try army distance learning...cuts out the need for pain!
                              Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe