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    Most range date allocations and field days are planned a number of months in advance. So this is how it should go.

    Bn Comdr briefs his Coy Comdrs of his intent over the next few months and in particular over the next month.

    Coy Comdr briefs his Pln Comdrs at the next parade night, on the items that will impact on the Coy, this should include areas that are not the responsibility for the Coy but may have an impact either in relation to resources or a potential that the Coy may have to support.

    The Pln Comdr assess the impact on his/her training programme and briefs Section Comdr and Pln Sgt, issues out key dates, potential dates and tasks. Then either the Section Comdrs brief their troops or the Pln Comdr briefs the platoon.

    This should cover all regular paraders, those that have missed the parade should get it the next time or when his Section Comdr/Pln Sgt/Pln Comdr rings him/her up to find out where they have been?

    The key is that comanders should diseminate the information in a timely manner i.e. This is when we are going to the range in the next 3 months, not you are going to the range on Saturday.

    Of course there will always be events or tasks that are imposed on the unit at short notice, in those cases pick up the phone and call them.

    For non operational tasks such as mass, christmas parties, sports events etc email and text are suitable. Notice boards are good ideas at unit locations, the field day and range dates can be put up on them, while web sites can be used for non operational.

    And DeV I don't accept that we should not expect people who have missed parades to have to make contact to find out. The key is that communication is everone's responsibility. Text messaging intially seemed like a good idea to me but the Army says No, so dem's the rules and we have to work with that.


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      Originally posted by Gaddafi
      Is this not an open forum where someone can express opinions?
      Of course it is. Just dont express yourself the way I did, loud and obnoxious, and you should be ok. The mods in fairness gave me loads of chances but finally gave up and moderated me.I respect their decision.

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