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Suspect pipe bomb found in army camp

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  • Suspect pipe bomb found in army camp

    Suspect pipe bomb found in army camp

    A DEVICE believed to be a pipe bomb was found inside the perimeter of Gormanstown Army Camp in Co Meath yesterday approximately 40 metres from an accommodation block housing about 200 soldiers.

    A passing out parade is due to take place there today.

    The suspect pipe-bomb was in good condition and appeared to have been there for only a short time, perhaps a couple of days.

    The device was found by a soldier yesterday afternoon. The suspicion is that it may have been thrown over the perimeter fence.

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    swear i didnt leave it there last week...........
    Pussyand by one, die by the other, and love the smell of both in the morning!!


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      No shit Andy!!!!!

      "May have been thrown over the perimeter fence " someone give Aandy pandy a Bass. It's a pity that you have so much time to spend looking at the news rather than training for Queens!!!!!!!!!


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        Thing, that was a quote from the press not necessarily Andy's interpretation.


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          Maybe our "friends up North" are trying to decomission.:D


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            I'd just like to point out that I was in Cork all weekend!!

            Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!


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              Excuse me, I forgot to post the source:

              The Irish Independent
              07:59 Wednesday April 16th 2003
              Reuspected pipe bomb found at Co Meath army camp

              The post I made was entirely from the breaking news section of The Irish Independent and none of the information expressed was my opinion.


              Whats a "bass" the thing?? Should you not be studying rather than attempting to correct posts and making false allegations. Is this not but a representation of a idle mind if ever I seen one. Rest assured I will pay no heed on your remarks.

              yours etc,