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  • Centralised Recruit Training

    I think that recruit training should initially start off with a certain level of active training. ie During the summer (to take advantage of summer holidays etc) all recruits go to a central recruit depot for say, 2 weeks of traing, where they learn the basics, how to march, saluting (very important) chain of command etc. At this point, it should be relatively easy to weed out the non-hackers and then reclaim and re-cycle their gear. The "distilled" recruit platoon is then sent on to it's unit to get ready for weapons trainging tactics etc....

    Just my humble opinion!

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    From what i hear thats the way we "might" be going..... But thats only from a P.D.F. Lt Col.....
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      Why not move the resources allocated for Camp to the BEGINNING of training? Recruitment process could be as follows

      1) Individuals interview with Unit
      2) Unit decided yea/nay and then sends them to recruit trainging depo
      3) Training is arranged at periods which may allow ppl with civilian occupations
      to get easier time off (easter, summer, Halloween)
      4) Larger numbers of recuits all training together means greater economy of scale and efficiency for the recruit trainging effort.
      5) PDF training cadre can thus give concise assesment of individuals etc. to units. + weather or not the may acutally be suited to that unit.

      Any takers?


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        Sounds clever Yooklid,

        I think ideally that there should be recruit companies in each major barracks who concentrate on training FCA recruits as infantrymen, who then after recieving their 2* maybe 3* move on to their sponsor unit ie: MP's Medics Cav etc.
        Bit like the PDF'rs.
        Everybody would get a good introduction to soldiering,.... the veterans don't have to keep doing to same old crap because of the high turnaround, and the corps units can concentrate on their speciality instead of basic training.
        The training would be centralised and all of the same standard regardless of corps for FCA troops.
        Everybody would be of the same standard and classes would be large.


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          Depot training tried several times.

          It did work for PDF, but why are the PDF Inf Bns training their own ?

          Can anyone offer reasons why it doesn't work for FCA ? I want to hear other people's thoughts.
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            We should replace all new recruits with an army of Super Highly-Intelligent geneTically-Engineered Soldiers (or S.H.I.T.E.S for short). We could delete the power of independent thought and program them to be unstoppable killing machines,we could also include some subroutines for square bashing, discipline,competence and a tea-making ability. I'm sure every NCO would love to have some SHITES to train.

            p.s. This is a JOKE I'm not trying to piss off any recruits potential or otherwise, just trying to supply a bit of levity


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              I agree with the depot theory but how would it work in the outlying areas where aguy may have to be collected and how do you guarantee the level of attendance across the board given that we also have to contend with day to day acxtivities such as employment education I said like the thought but.....

              on the issue of rturn of uniforms.....when I left the NS an officer was sent to my parents house eighty miles away in a landrover with a driver to collect....1 pair of boots.....1 dress cap.... 1 jacket No2s ... 1 trousers No2s and a white front.....subsquently all of the above ended up hanging in the barracks museum in Clonmel... bar the boots which he probably swiped as they had recently been soled and heeled and bulled....I had to sign a receipt for the above.
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                Centralised Recruit Training

                [MOD: MERGE]

                Having seen many different styles of training and seeing the differences in induction, is it not time for centralised training?

                Imagine a system.
                Recruits from all over a city (Country recruits can be bused in) are placed into a training company and trained together as a company. They follow the syllabus correctly and are brought up to 2* standard. They are then dispersed to their units. Some to signals, infantry, transport etc depending on their personal choice and operational requirements

                What do people think?

                Is it in the works and when?


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                  I think this was discussed before....


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                    Standardised bulk training...would cut costs and make the whole system run a lot more smoothly.


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                      We did it last year for Western Brigade


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                        The 25th inf did it last year, yet there is a kind of of inter coy thing going on.Say A coy slagging B coy and vice versa. almost every coy is different. which leads to great determintion when it comes to shoots and orienteering and the like. Centralising training would make sure recruits are all trained to the same level, which in itself is a good thing .


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                          Centralised training, good idea that and how about a common military syllabus all recruits being taught the same thing and when they get to their designated unit they can build on their newly aquired knowledge. The TA are currently doing this in Birmingham, England.


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                            Its a great idea, but why not take it a step further? Maybe 2 weeks in the curragh with mass training by experienced nco's, would it work? Of course they would have the sh#te scared out of them and would take to the training more enthusiastically. then when they return to their parent units they will have the knowledge they need and will not have to be babyed.
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                              Good idea.. I for one would have liked a stricter recruit training. There were too many sore heads and people getting sick from the night before going on..and tolerated. Two weeks in the curragh with strict NCO`S would weed out the people there for the sessions and keep the interested people staying on.