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M3 Panhard's for the Gardai!

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  • M3 Panhard's for the Gardai!

    The most likely resting place for the M3 Panhard APC's will probably be the Glen of Imaal's anti tank range were they will sadly be used for target pratice or suffer the same fate as the Timoney APC's lying around rotting in the Curragh.
    But what if these old work horses could be put back into service as a riot control vehicle for the Gardai!
    Would this be possible to give at least ten of them to a new home where they might be used again, they would not requie much upgrading and it could give the Gardai riot control squads a bit of a morale booster (joke) and offer a bit more peace of mind for serving members!
    With Ireland's hosting of the European Presidency next year perhaps there might be a futher need for riot control vehicles and this would offer a cheap instant solution for our Police force.
    What are your thoughts and views on the subject thanks for reading this post from the thing!:-patriot:

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    Either Panhards or Timoneys. I am surprised someone hasn't tried to purchase them from the Dept. of Defence. They are still in service in a lot of places. They would look damn good in Navy Blue, that's for sure.


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      I doubt they would go for it tho,as the drivers would have no place to rest their elbows and would have no place to smoke(the only place you can get away with smoking in the GS is in the car)
      As well as that,I doubt many of them could fit in the drivers hatch..
      The transit battle wagons are fine for the moment..apart from the fact you cant stick your elbow out the window on a sunny day.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Would the Panards make good Water cannon vehicles ?
        (lack of storage space for water tanks ?)
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          Depends if you filled up the troop section with it???



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            But what if these old work horses could be put back into service as a riot control vehicle for the Gardai!

            Remember last May when a few deadbeats got a couple of clatters off the Cops and the media feeding frenzy indicated that fascism was back with a vengeance. Now imagine the hand wringing and knicker twisting if Robocop drove a Panhard over a few underemployed, students of 15th Century Outer Mongolian Romantic Poetry.

            On the subject of which- Mayday riots, not 15th Century Outer Mongolian Romantic Poetry, I see the organisers of this years riot are refusing to co-operate with the GS. Only one change there then, since they didn't cooperate last year either, in that this year there are organisers.

            Bring back Robocop.:flagwave:
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              A novel idea indeed, but of course it will never happen. Irish govt. and Garda brass do not want a paramilitary style police force. Hell, they don't even want a modern police force with useful, user friendly equipment.

              Take the uniform issue. When Garda jumpers and Gortex patrol jackets came out there was murder. Most Chiefs didn't want their guys wearing them, 'cos they weren't traditional looking.

              There was no "master plan" on personal equipment. If PR-24's were issued, there is no place to carry them. Handcuffs cannot be carried where they are visible....etc And of course the patrol jacket covers everything on your belt and makes it all inaccessible anyway. God only knows what would happen if they armed the Guards!!!!! How would they carry them!!!!!

              If the basic issues can't be sorted out, eg personal equipment, vehicles, even simple admin policies, I shudder to think what would happen with ARMORED CARS.

              Do we really want a paramilitary police anyway?

              I have been out of the loop for a while so maybe things have improved in the last few years, I doubt it but I hope so. But I think Ireland is destined to have a "Gombeen/cute hoor/tick ****er" police force for the foreseeable future.

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                I never said anything about a Gendarmerie force!

                I posted this topic as there may well be a need for such a vehicle next year! Yes the Gardai would probably neot even dream of buying such a vehicle because "some" members of the public would protest and sound on about a Police state bla bla this bla bla that.
                Wjhat is the point in us the public in supporting our Police force if they do not even have the basic equipment or measures to deal with civil disobedience such as riots etc?
                I as a student living and working in Dublin no longer feel safe to walk the streets at night. It is time for the Gardai to adopt a high visibility no nonsense approach to crime in this country.
                The eyes of the world will be upon Ireland next year and perhaps water cannon and riot control vehicles can show our fellow European members that Ireland has a Police force every bit as professional as there's!
                I for one woruld support the Gardai obtaining such vehicles as I would them obtaining more aggressive measures towards street crime and crime in general in this country!:flagwave:


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                  Do the Gardaí have a roit control unit.
                  Correct me if I'm wong but someone on this board a while back said that the E.R.U. did the Public order thing.
                  why would the E.R.U. do public order if they are part of S.D.U. (the armed unit of the Gardaí)


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                    Not sure exactly what they have as a "formal/organized" Public Order Unit nowadays. It used to be just an ad hoc pool of manpower gathered from all over the city for a specific event. There was some training out at Santry Garda station but it wasn't that organized and wasn't "team" training.

                    I fully agree with "Thing" that the occasional crack down on street crime should be conducted. Get tough and hard, put a dozen vans out there with 10 Guards in riot gear in them and crack heads where neccessary. This of course will never happen. The political will is not there to solve the crime problem.

                    This will make me unpopular on this board, ( wait, I think I am unpopular already!!! ), but the crime problem is of a far greater importance than any PDF/RDF issue. It's a tricky situation. No-one wants to live in a police state but no-one wants to fear for their life either. Perhaps an approach taken by NYPD several years ago, "the broken window" approach where small street crime was strictly dealt with causing a huge reduction in serious crime. It also involved a thorough shake up and modernisation of the NYPD too, something which is never going to happen in the Guards.

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                      Unfortunatly I don't think we have enough prison spaces for the broken window approach. I think that we should have hefty fines for a lot of minor infractions combined with public cleaning service wearing nice yellow or orange jumpsuits that say "CONVICTED CRIMINAL" on the back


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                        How about using the Gardai and the Panhards on the Anti Tank Range?

                        The problem with the cops is that there are too many bad apples.

                        Coppers are not interested in justice they are interested in getting results. The job is to close a case as quick as possible that all.

                        To arm the cops would be a serious mistake, even their "elite" unit had the last action seriously questioned, can you imagine an ordinary PJ with a 9mm? Why would they need water cannon, they could cordon off the area where any eu summit was been held with the riot squad.
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                          Who said anything about arming the gardaí
                          what was said was to give armerd cars to the gardaí for public order.
                          as for the Panhards for the gardaí I dont think its a good idea.
                          if the Gardaí want a armerd car for public order it sould be a landrover defender (like the ones the british police forces use for public order)


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                            Big Al, I don't think there is actually a lot of bad apples in the Guards. But there are a lot of unmotivated, disillusioned policemen who see their career go nowhere while those with clout get all the "Sexy" assignments.

                            You are right on the money about the job being results oriented. The brass wants crime-solved forms(C-2's) for every crime reported form (C-1). The detectives will let a scumbag admit to a string of C-1's, even if he didn't do it, and these offenses will just be taken into consideration. The judge is happy that he is putting a criminal away, the Guard just cleared up maybe 20 open crimes, the C/Supt and Supt have the numbers looking good. The only person not happy is Joe Public who got his stuff/car/money etc stolen. He is the only loser in the deal.

                            Arming the police might be a disaster but I think we'll see it to a greater degree in our lifetime. The ERU maybe presented as elite, and there are some hardcore types in it, but instead of "elite" read "connected". Anyway it is wrong to draw comparison between a military Spec.Ops unit and a police SpecOps unit. Apples and oranges.

                            IMF, I think you are spot on with the Land-rovers. Panhards would be a public relations disaster for the GS.

                            What do others think? Goldie?
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                              I can just see it now...

                              British soccer hooligans are out of control again, at Landsdowne Road (Would anyone really object if we used armour/water cannon against BSHs?).. Along comes the Garda M-3VTT, painted white with the jam stripe, a new light bar on the roof, being pushed along by ten Gardai because the 45-year-old transmission system gave up the ghost down by Angelsea Road...

                              I guess they can use the fire department's trucks for water cannon, and if they -really- need armour, get a MOWAG from the Army, in the aid-to-civil-power role, and fit it with a plough.. (saying 'Have a nice day' on it, of course..)

                              Driver, tracks, troops.... Drive and adjust!!