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  • Army piper band

    As a Belgian I want to present you guys with the following question. Anyone know where I can find pictures of an ARMY (not Air Force) piper. I would like to get details of the (old) uniform, the badges, info on the kilt etc... etc... .
    Thanks for reading

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    These any good to you?

    "I have never accepted what many people have kindly said, namely that I inspired the Nation. It was the nation and the race dwelling around the globe that had the lion heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar"
    - Sir Winston Churchill, Speech Nov. 1954.


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      They are certainly a very good start. Thanks a lot Jimmy.
      Any pipers themselves reading these posts?


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        search for peter, he's a bit tart though. Are you Flemish or Walloon? and, do you dislike the french as much as they dislike the belgians? my two favourite belgians are rene magritte and arnold geulincx - even though the dutch try to claim him as one of theirs.

        peadar piper:

        The above is an interesting site run by an RAF catholic chaplain - have a look at some of the other photos (BBQ esp.) and their captions, I don't think he'll be in the 'hood for much longer.

        piper photo below:
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        Cannon to right of them,
        Cannon to left of them,
        Cannon in front of them
        Volley'd and thunder'd;
        Storm'd at with shot and shell,
        Boldly they rode and well,
        Into the jaws of Death,
        Into the mouth of Hell
        Rode the six hundred.


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          Thanks for the picture, allthough a more detailed one is prefered (in order to get the details on the uniform).
          WHo is and where could I find, Peter?
          I am Flemish, in the Belgian military and unaware that the French hated the Belgians.
          Being a Belgian soldier I am presumed not to react unless my own person or my country is wrongend.
          According to many Belgians, Margritte is among the top 3 of Belgian painters. Geulincx is definatly Belgian and not Dutch, and way out of my league. My humble rank in military means others think for me.
          Come on guys, keep them pictures coming.
          Thanks in advance


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            Hi Marnix, welcome to the site, although I am from Tyrone some of my family live in Brussels so I do have a Belgian connection.
            Do you only want pictures of Southern Irish pipers? as there are several Northern Irish units which have their own pipers.