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  • Cadetships...

    Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages,

    Help me out here.

    As a regular recruit you're in for a fixed period of 5 years followed by 7 in the reserves.

    If you go in as a cadet, does the 21 month training form part of your 5 years permanent service?! Or is it extra?!

    Also, what does the 7 years in the reserves actually entail? Ongoing training? Do you have to stay in the country?!

    Hoping ye can help,


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    Cadetships used to require a 10 year committment that did not include the cadetship itself. Has this changed??

    As far as leaving the country is concerned. Nobody in Ireland cares what you do, but I had to get a full discharge from the reserves before being allowed to emigrate to the USA. They would not issue a visa to a member of a any army!!


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      In relation to cadetships, im at college studying for my cert in civil engineering. I intend to continue on to degree level and by that stage i will be either 24 or 25 depending on if i take a year out. What is the higher age of enlistment for a cadetship? If i am over the age limit would it still be possible for me to enter the pdf? Finally what would the chances be of getting in? Any help at all lads.....and lassies!


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        As an engineer you can get a direct entry commission similar to the ones given to Doctors. You don't have to do a cadetship, just a few weeks very basic training and then you are made a Captain with tech pay. it's a good deal if you are qualified and interested in not actually working as an engineer and not getting paid as much as one either!!