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Pouch/ sack thing soldier was wearing.

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  • Pouch/ sack thing soldier was wearing.

    Hey folks.

    The front page of this mornings metro showed a soldier with a pouch/ sack thing around his waist while he was guarding the site of the pipe bomb in Coolock last night.
    I was wondering if anybody would be able to ID it please.
    My first thought was that it might be an NBC kit.
    Is that me just being silly.
    Sorry I don't have a picture of it.


    actually you are right again womble Its a respirator haversack.
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    Sorry about that Womble, we got some new buttons to play with and I merged the two posts. Apologies.


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      Thanks Apod.

      No worries Joshua, was it a big red button?

      They still wont give me the "zap the stupid caller" button I want in work so I'm just glad someone has some new buttons to play with.
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