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Cultaca Insignia?

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  • Cultaca Insignia?

    Does anyone know what the RDF insignia "Cultaca" looks like. Or has it been issued yet?
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    am its kind like the ARW "fianoglaigh" flash. yellow letters on a black backing. as far as i know it will only be for overseas service. if it ever comes!!!


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      It doesnt actuall exsist yet (or so I've been told) but it is expected to look like how irish_zero discribed.


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        would black text on a green back ground not be better?
        all we need is a silly looking flash on our shoulder, with the dpm uniform.
        I am all for it, but look at all the flashes that were on the US and UK forces in iraq! they blended into there uniform.
        Maybe bailer can do up one and send it into the army press office or the people that come up with the flash?
        Who decides what the flash looks like?? any body know?


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          probably some gobshite who will never have to wear one


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            I Believe it will be more Like the Exisitng Slua Muiri badge (which will be replaced with a Cultacha badge in the existing colours i.e. Navy and Gold) The Army cultacha Badge will be The same with Gold on Green (I've heard) I'm not wearing mine until I get issued all the gear I should have though.

            The Fiannóglágh Badge is copied Directly from the US "Ranger" Badge and wouldn't be appropriate!

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              From Bailer
              I'm not wearing mine until I get issued all the gear I should have though.
              Do you not remember the section on your 517 where you agreed to accept all pay, clothing and equipment as may be determined from time to time?


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                AF 517

                Eh I can hardly remember my name half the time Bravo!!. Yeah I remember the 517 (Damn you for learning every AF DFR and COD off by heart) but I Think it's a bit stupid that everyone in the reserve can get these "Cultacha" badges, when we havn't all got the Name tags we're supposed to get, most people don't have enough Rank markings, especially 2*'s. and a lot of people still havn't got their scale of issue (kermit's still waiting for that norwegian I bet!, shirt that is not an "actual" norwegian)

                As Far as I know the Apporval of the Insignia is decided by the QM general's office and probably in this case the OC reserve forces. I personally wouldn't mind a simple one like the Slua Badge, as Long as its not like the old badge ah yes sewing that big stupid thing onto the Working Dress Jacket

                OK I'll wear it but it's getting Velcro'ed :flagwave:

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                  Bailer, how can you believe that you'll get the Cultaca badge straight away? 1 year from now there will be a thread saying "we don't have enough Cultaca badges" or something....



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                    Yes Well I know thats going to happen but if anyone is in desperate need of one I can send them mine.

                    I might Draw one up Later of what I'd like to see them look like. If I get time!
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                      it would have to match the uniform although they stuck a tri-colour on it. Im talking for camoflague purposes here. that tri-colour stands out like a sore thumb (i cover it with black insulating tape when on the ground). But im still proud to wear the tricolour dont get me wrong.


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                        If you have seen any of the new marksman badges for the DPMs you would notice that they are green and black. You wouldn’t notice then unless you were looking for one.

                        There was a CS from the 11th or the 13th I think wearing one at the 1SthBrg on the 26th of April. That’s where I saw it. But I was told that we (the RDF) weren’t issued them. But that is what the Cultaca looks like, apparently.

                        You know as soon as the army allow the reserve to get up to date with regard to uniform, they bring along something to put us right back in our place. As if the black beret wasn’t enough, people can tell straight away that you’re a part-timer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
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                          The Subdued All Army Marksman Badge was Designed By CS _____ ____of A-Coy 7bn and is Not approved YET. People entitled to wear the All Army Badge are allowed wear them until the Directive to wear them comes down or is refused. I understand that the Old Red All Army Badge will be issued at this years All Army as in Previous years. Strangely enough the standard Marksmans Badge cannot be worn on the DPM's

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                            I have seen the Marking in question, and must admit it takes something away from the uniform... but it does look good! He has it on the right arm just over the dressing pocket!
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                              That’s him, that’s the guy.

                              What do you think of that type of flash for the reserve insignia? I wouldn’t mind wearing that, I don’t feel that it could take form the uniform at all.

                              Is there a particular place to wear this type of flash?
                              Could it be possible to get battalion flashed in similar style?