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    When The Dpm was Introduced I was a bit annoyed that the Unit Flashes were Just dropped this was decided becaues the Ranger Wing got them in 1998 and only wore rank markings on the Uniform (not even a subdued "Fiannóglách" badge) This was carried on in 2000 when the PDF got them. I was hoping that There would be subdued Flashes Like the ones the 20bn had on their combats in the 90's. If every other military in the world can wear subdued Division and Unit Flashes why can'ty we??

    Besides the All Army and Marksman badges are earned Qualifications and should only be worn on the cuff of the sleeve (fore arm). When the New Units are formed I hope they reintroduce new Unit insignia to mark the formation when the colours are layed down.
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      > If every other military in the world can wear subdued Division and Unit Flashes
      > why can'ty we??



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        those lovely fca badges were in amply supply when rank markings and command flashes were nowhere to be seen, i expect the same will happen with this new flash unless some one wants to car bomb silverstitch in ballymount?:D

        we had to pay for unit flashes (this might be unique to my unit) but i would pay for a subdued version of our flash for my smock. another option might be to have different sliders for rank markings, the brits have these e.g. flags for signals above the rank marking

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          there is no need for a flash, reserve wear a green berey and the PDF, well apart from parade they dont seem to wear anthing on their heads.


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            The Beret is being Standardised during the Reorg Sparks, Either we're going Black or they're going Green, thats why we're getting this "Cultaca" Insignia.

            Big Al it's hard enough to get standard rank Markings nevermind Specialised Corps Rank Markings. Also I think Every unit has to pay for it's Flashes it's not part of the scale of Issue!

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              Every unit has to pay for the flashes but not every unit charges for the flashes.


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                Has it been confirmed that the beret will be standardised, If so when?


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                  I ain getting one of those "MANKEY" black berrets! i dont care im not wearing one!
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                    Well How about this??

                    Just an Idea of what it'll look like

                    Edit: Ps: Ignore the dot over the second "c" (actually means "h") Gaeilge spelling mistake by yours truly..

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                      When the DPM was been interduced to the then FCA it was proposed that the rank markings be of a different color than the PDF, this was strongly opposed by the then fca and a letter that was circulated by the dept at the time for our views was signed to this effect by selected officers ncos and pts (I was one of the persons that signed the letter) outlining the reasons why. the main reason at the time was that the rank structure in both pdf and fca were the same and should remain so, I know other units within the fca in all commands returned a large NO to this proposal ;and rightly so; if anybody wants to tell the difference pdf wear BLACK and are full time soldiers rdf wear GREEN and are part time soldiers (end of story) but the rank structure remains the same no brown sliders as was been proposed at the time. Now I know that the rank structure will be disputed even on this board but the bottom line is ;it is the same; as I have Witnessed this at legal level
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                        Everyone is to look to the future! Integration is the key! A cheaper but more effective force!

                        So lets have them all dressed the same! Uniforms.. get the reserve the nice patchy coloured pants and jacket too!!

                        (Great idea boss),

                        AND! Lets tell them we'll send them overseas!
                        (Are we really gonna do that boss?)

                        Dont ask silly questions! Maybe.

                        So.. we'll have them ALL the same! And the reserve can have nice badges so we know where to find them when something goes wrong. Yes! We'll have them all the exact same, except.. DIFFERENT!

                        (Maybe we could use the badges boss to make sure none of them sneak up the steps of a plane going overseas?)

                        How much cash do we have left lads!? None!? Ok.. No more mowags so. Or helicopters. Keep the badgy things though. They sound good. I like them.

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                          he is right there you know..

                          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                            Shhh ... it really confuses the PDF after 2 hours mission planning with an izzy on and they find out you're a reservist ...
                            "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                            "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                              what does cultaca mean?


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                                Cheers, this is instead of FCA so yeah?