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    Does anybody know if theres an irish language cse in the Df open to rdf personnel? I know there's one every year but is it pdf only?


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    Straight answer - I don't know if it is open to RDF presonnel or not. You should enquire in your unit, or maybe the helpful lads at An Cosantóir may be able to assist...
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      I asked about this last week, our Q said he'd apply for me if I wrote a letter for him (I'm RDF btw)

      Any ideas as to when it's on this year?
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        yes its open to you lads

        there is an Irish language camp in Galway in may most years

        it is mentioned in the ATD, which is available on your units intranet

        it is open to us and you lot

        it is a worthwhile week
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          So the legends are true.
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            sound I was talking to the cadre staff in my unit today but they had never heard of it. ill get back onto them id love to do it.


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              Its called Campa Gaeilge and it is usually held in Galway.


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                According to an old Connect of mine, the course is usually on late May/early June
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