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Is Morale Low in the RDF since the reorg?

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    The RDFra might have some power if it disbanded....and advised the the reserve members to walk away..and then leave the minister with a quandry !

    Oh! what to do with the appointments ..and vacancies that were created under the reorg...and the budget.

    These were all created with a supposed enlightened hasn't happened. Until the DOD see the reality they won't see the reality of the situation.

    What if the enlisted refused the legality of all appointments since the reorg and termed the reorg to be a illegal order given it hasn't lived up to its expectations in the proposed time frame.? I propose heresy and incitement to mutiny..but would the registered memebers of the association get off their ****ing arses and stand up for what they pay for!..failing that will they at least try to preserve what they are alledgedlly selling their souls for
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      "Is Morale in the RDF low since the Reorg?"

      Firstly I reckon it depends on your unit and the members within. The reason I say this is because its Up to the N.C.O.s to determine whether morale is high or low. Sometimes its not all too apparent but the N.C.O.s are the BACKBONE of the army, every army. Its the N.C.O.s that get things done.

      Anyhow what exactly will prevent low morale... In my opinion here, it is constant activity. Again down to the NCOs, and having said that, constant activity does not mean repititive activity. It should be varied from time to time and be balanced. The whole time big emphasis and concentration on what it is we are training for...


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        You have answered a question which has not been asked in this thread ie Is morale low within your unit?

        Now answer the question asked. Look at the big picture.
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