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    I'm fitter than most of the people who were on the course, (Eldavido will testify) But I'm nowhere near the level required for full time training or integrated service, remember Fitness will be an important part of applying for intergrated service or overseas service (Grades 2-3 need not apply) so if anyone is considering grabbing the new reserve by the Balls should start working on their fitness
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      Yes Bailer, but you have to start somewhere.


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        Gerup the yard bailer ye bag o'ham!:D


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          Didn't see you run all week Eldavido!! (except to the Mess) and who called me a mad bastard when I ran up to Cloghlea OP??? Hmm? Lazy Scouse supprting!! desk jockey!!

          Anyway the Standard of Fitness among recruits was terrible, aswell as weakness brought about by not eating their meals, and the 3k route march?? (hardly a route march at all) but still had what? 18 people drop out?? Us old gits who were in the mess till 3 o'clock the Morning before (or was it the Pub??) where able for it but the 17 18 and 19 old recruits weren't and Fitness is supposed to decrease with age! I'm not even going to mention the Sheep Chasing Incident!!

          Yes Bravo It does need to start somewhere its a lot of good me telling everyone in a section to get fit, they know they'll have to for the new reserve but complacency means 50% of them will not until they are told when there test is, some of them will need to do more like build upper body strength to imporve their abilities, the new reserve will have to be fit simple as that, I think emphasis needs to be put on this NOW not when the name gets changed not when the units are intergrated, not when we get our silly shoulder badges, and definately not when the dates for the tests are announced.
          Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!


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            Stamina improves with age, Bailer (I think it is related to stubborness)
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              Hmm Wasn't aware of a course being run already. That's good news for starters. Can they do full PT for troops on camp etc?

              You're right bailer, about that little stroll. 18 people fell out. and I'd say another 15 were dragged along.

              I know some of them that fell out used smoking 20 a day as an excuse. That just pissed me off. I mean, any normal person should be able to walk 3k with little trouble. Whether they are 17 or 37 it doesn't matter. The playstation generation will be the death of the Army, mark my words. Little fragile people with the fingers of 80 years olds.

              Some of them didn't even have the physical capacity to cock the rifle or change the safety catch. That's surely not right.

              The only outdoor activity most of them did before joining the reserves was playing delta force with the windows open!

              Something needs to be done and quickly!


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                I know I was in the Centre rank and had to goad the two recruits either side of me to get up the hill at the gate!

                The 20 smokes a day stuff is crap me and Flap boy (you know who ) as well as Fonz were on at least 30 a day and we survived.

                The scary thing was the 59 year old Major was keeping up with the best of them!!

                Friends Come and Go, but Enemies accumulate!!


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                  I would have considered myself fit in the past...Now I wouldnt have managed a marathon like,but I could keep up with the rest without holding them back..butthat wasnt good enough for some people...had to look fit also..not being able to participate in an exercise because of an injury was considered being unfit..

                  My endurance used to be knee used to creak like a door that...creaks..but I could keep going,and could carry my own load unassisted...

                  Fitness in the RDF sadly is based on appearance rather than ability,and before you ask,yes I am slightly bitter..

                  Nowdays I dont bother..cos people will judge your fitness on how you look rather than how you perform..those who claim to know about fitness usually do so out of their own sense of trying to beat the clock themselves..

                  Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    Doesn't matter what you look like under all the new uniform, you can't see anything. If you can keep up with the rest, that's fit enough for me!