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    I mentioned this in a thread a few months ago just to get some info and I got some great tips. Im hopefully moving to Dublin as soon as my college exams finish next month, and I just want to see if theres any more ideas on the whole process of attachment. Im a corporal from the Infantry by the way and I take a lot of pride in doing my job as well as is expected of an NCO. I'd like to think I know my stuff and Im very eager to learn too. Unfortnately with the exams taking up 25 hours of the day, I havent had time to go see any of the Dublin units first hand.

    My first choice was the Cav in Cathal Brugha, but I got the impression (FROM PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THE UNIT) most definately that its a kind of closed society. I havent had any contact that I know of with people in the unit. Basically the opinion I gathered from people's comments was that why would they teach me anything while other people who are members of the unit could use the resources. Its important to say that Ive no idea if this is true or not. I will be going on attachment to a unit first of all, but possibly I'll transfer after a year. (Depending on how things are in civvy street). I was really disappointed that the feeling was the Cav wouldnt have me, so please correct me anyone who thinks they're in the position to?

    Im looking at other options now. Is there an S&T unit in Dublin? I really want to learn to drive, (I have a full civvy car licence), and Id love to see what its like to drive the nissans and trucks etc.

    Whats my options? Is every unit in Dublin going to consider me a drain on resources or am I stuck having to commute 2 hours each way to my home unit to progress at all?

    As always, you're opinions are very gratefully received!
    (To those of you that contacted me about this issue before, thanks a lot, and is there any more info or news you could offer me? Cheers!).

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    join the cav the 11 are agreat bunch lok for sgt brendan farrell and tell him I sent you.
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      ah jaesus delta the cav are great there not like that at all!!
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        Well the Cav is certainly my first choice, but I dont want to step on any toes or be seen as the blow in corporal that deprived another corporal of a course or job of some sort.

        I'll certainly drop in and have a chat to see.


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          Does anyone have any info on the Medic Units in Dublin?
          I'm moving to the big smoke in July and was thinking about trying to get attached to someone up there for about a year but not long term.
          Is this possible does anyone know?


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            Ok, I'm jumping on the band-wagon but here goes..
            Anyone here from COE 11 in Dublin?
            At some stage I'll probably move up to dublin so I'd like to know what the story is, perhaps call in on a training night for a chat with someone to discuss a attachment/transfer. I assume the brugha would be my first port of call.


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              Negatory Logue!!

              Go to the real Dublin Barracks (McKee) on a thursday night at 8 pm. The 11 COE are Usually down by their HQ! Stay away from the Armory or B-Coy 7bn will nab you!!

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                Last few years we've been looking for country NCOs working in Dublin who want to go on attachment to keep their hand in.
                We're still looking though ...
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                  Anyone from the country in general wanting to go on attachment to a Dublin unit would normally be welcomed with open arms.

                  for curious George there are 2 Dublin Med units

                  11th in the Brugha (Rathmines)
                  2nd in St. Bricins (Parkgate/Phoenix Park area )

                  If anyone's interested in going on attachment to a dublin Inf unit post here or PM me ...

                  And you wouldn't be taking up someone else's position (except in rare cases eg a CS or CQ slot ... but these slots tend to fill very fast )

                  Your seniority (if it matters to you ) accumulates in your own unit (or should)

                  In the last 3 years our Bn's had attachments of Cpls,Sgts and 2/Lts from our country brethren. Your skills are welcome !
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                  "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                  "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                    And you keep your hours up.


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                      for curious george

                      Im led to believe that Med coy 2 LSB are getting RDF personell on attachment. Well worth checking out as they are the only Field med coy in the PDF and are a very professionally run unit