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    I’ve been nominated for this year’s W Bde Sergeants Cse, and I’d appreciate any advice about preparing for it, especially from anyone who has done the W Bde Cse in the last few years. I’m not asking for any sensitive information, but any general advice would be great. If you don’t want to post it please PM me. Thanks, Western Commando.

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    Sergeants Cse

    Can anybody at all help with this??!


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      I don't have experience with Western Command courses but your standards course should be like the pots but without the crazy "we are going to break you and rebuild you" bullshit. As potential sgts you will be expected to show initiative and leadership.

      Equipment wize you will need to have the complete CEMO (remember CEMO is what is in the webbing not the webbing itself). Familiarity with tactics, TM201 and orders will be a necessity. You should be able to give section battle orders off the top of your head (but tac aides are very handy devices). Fitness is becoming increasingly important so preparation will always stand to you. As regards anything else, obviously the powers that be in your unit think you are suitable for promotion, so be your usual squared away NCO.

      And good luck.