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Interesting reading from afew years ago.

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  • Interesting reading from afew years ago.

    Ireland Army: Curragh Command 1979- 1998
    v.1.0 July 7, 2002

    This command, including 6th Brigade, as well as the Eastern Command’s Infantry Force, were deactivated under the 1996-1998 reorganization. The FCA [reserve] units continue their alignment as in the days of the Command, and are temporarily under a new HQ established at the Curragh, the Defense Forces Training Center, pending their reorganization that ends in 2007. Dispositions are given only for the Command’s infantry battalions pending an update.

    The reorganization reduced the four-command, five-brigade structure to a three-command, three-brigade structure. While two active infantry battalions were eliminated, the nine remaining were expanded to an average strength of 483 – previously the battalions had been smaller – and units were added to the three remaining brigades to make them the equivalent of independent brigade groups.

    Orbat by Adrian J. English


    HQ (Ceannt Barracks, Curragh Camp)

    Military College (incorporating Infantry and Command & Staff Schools) (Curragh)

    General Training Depot (Curragh)

    No.1 Security Coy. (Portlaoise Prison)

    Army Apprentice School (Naas)

    Army Ranger Wing (Curragh)

    1st Tank Squadron (Plunkett Barracks, Curragh) equipped with fourteen Scorpion light tanks and five Timoney Mk VI APCs

    Depot & School Cavalry (Curragh)

    1st Anti-Aircraft Regiment (HQ & 1st Air Defence Bty., Kildare) equipped with six 40mm Mk 1 Bofors A/A guns and four RBS 70 SAM launchers Depot & School Artillery (Kildare)

    1st Maintenance Engineer Coy (Curragh)

    Depot & School Engineer Corps (Curragh)

    Depot & School Signals Corps. (Curragh)

    Curragh Command Supply & Transport Coy. (Curragh)

    Curragh Command Vehicle Workshops (Curragh)

    Depot & School Supply & Transport Corps (Curragh)

    1st Garrison Ordnance Coy. (Curragh)

    1st Hospital Coy. (Curragh)

    General Military Hospital (Curragh)

    Depot & School Medical Corps (Curragh)

    Military Detention Barracks (Curragh)

    Depot & School Military Police (Curragh)

    Band of the Curragh Command (Curragh)

    6th Infantry Brigade:

    Bde. HQ (Connolly Barracks, Curragh)

    3rd Infy. Bn. "THE BLOODS" (Curragh) had one APC Coy. with twelve AML VTT M3 APCs [To 1st Brigade]

    30th Infy. Bn. (Kilkenny) [Deactivated]

    1st Armoured Sqn. (Plunkett Barracks, Curragh) equipped with four AML 245 H-90 and six AML 245 H-60 armoured cars plus three AML VTT M3 APCs

    3rd Field Bty. (Curragh) equipped with six 105mm Light Guns

    6th Field Signal Coy. (Ceannt Barracks, Curragh)

    Curragh Command FCA Group:

    HQ (HQ Stephen's Barracks, Kilkenny)

    9th Infy. Bn. (HQ & A Coy., Kilkenny; B Coy., Dunamaggin; C Coy., Ballyragget; D Coy., Waterford; E Coy., Portlaoise; F Coy. Durrow) formed part of 6th Brigade from 1959-78 [To Southern Command FCA Group]

    10th Infy Bn. "O'HANRAHAN" (HQ & A Coy., Wexford; B Coy., New Ross; C Coy., C Coy., Carnew; D Coy., Muinebeag; E Coy., Carlow) formed part of 6th Brigade from 1959-78 [To Southern Command FCA Group]]

    6th Field Arty. Rgt. (HQ & 5th Field Bty., Kildare; 6th Field Bty., Naas; 11th Hvy. Mortar Bty., Edenderry) equipped with twelve 25 pounder gun-howitzers and six 120mm Brandt AM50 mortars

    Eastern Command Infantry Force: [Also part of the 1998 deactivations]

    HQ (Gormanston, Co. Meath)

    27th Infy. Bn. (HQ, HQ Coy & A Coy., Dundalk; B Coy. Gormanston; Spt. Coy. Castleblaney) [To 2nd Brigade]

    29th Infy. Bn. (HQ, HQ Coy & Spt. Coy., Cootehill; A Coy. Monaghan; B Coy. Cavan) had five Timoney Mk IV APCs [Deactivated]

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    I thought the ECIF was part of the Eastern Command?


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      Originally posted by Bravo20
      I thought the ECIF was part of the Eastern Command?
      Certainly was, comprised of 27 and (now disbanded) 29 Inf Bns....
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        Didn't think the ARW ever came under the Curragh Command, their directly under the CoS.


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          Interesting..I wonder who actually compiles these things..nice to see somebody actually reads some of these things..could't find a similar document for other commands as they were at the time..
          Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe