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    Does the PDF still field dedicated sub-machine guns or do they simply interchange barrels etc on the steyr to form the steyr para?

    I know the PDF used to use the Carl Gustaf M/45, however with this removed from active service do you think the defence forces need a standardised sub-machine gun?

    Also any suggestions on replacements .... how about the mp5...FN P90...

    Also just on the topic of small arms what are your thoughts on the steyr it good weapon our does it also need replaced?

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    no,the army has no dedicated SMG. most modern armies dont,since modern rifles are light and compact enough to be used in confined spaces (ie. by artillery + cavalry) as well as on the battlefield.
    when the new generation of rifles, the steyr,the SA80,the FA MAS etc. came out,the armies that bought them ditched their SMG's and replaced them with these rifles,as it's easier + makes more sense to equip the whole army with one weapon for ease of training + ammo commonality etc. thats what the DF did. they replaced the gustav with the steyr as well as replacing the FN with it.
    the only use for SMG's nowadays is by special forces (the rangers use the MP5).
    the steyr is a good weapon,right up there with the best of them,but i much prefered the FN for its accuracy. and no,its not getting replaced anytime soon. not in the next 30 or so years anyway.


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      Actually the french still issue the MP-5 to slected vehicle crew, and the MP-5SD3/6 to recce troops (As in dedicated Recce platoons), but no, much as I miss the Gustav on the range I don't see a need for an SMG alongside the AUG, apart from the ARW, and possibly NS boarding parties who might get the ARW's SD3's if they are replaced in the near future.
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