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  • Overnights and weekends on the ground

    I am wondering guys with amount of money everybody spends on extra kit . How often does it get used , I know people in the PDF will be using it alot so it pays for itself and but in the RDF how often does it get used . I am only back to the reserves since leaving the PDF and but before when i was in the FCA there was only 3 overnights in the 4 years i was in it .
    Every Month
    Every 3 months
    Twice a year
    Only on camp

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    Get what you need/will make your life easier...Pool issue webbing is usually crap though
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      It varies from sub-unit to sub-unit. I rarely recomend anyone to buy substantial amount of kit (i.e. anything over mess tins, KFS, camo and bungees) until they are 3 stars. At that stage they will be in a position to assess what they will need and when they will use it.

      Me personally have bought the following over the years:
      1. Boots, I have been at this game a long time and know I will use them regularly enough, also I appreciate my comfort.
      2. Webbing & Bergen - Again because I know I will get several uses of it a year (and would be in the organisation for many years) and bought it at the time when you wouldn't get issued with anything other than 58.
      3. Compass and maps - I use them frequently both in and out of the organisation.
      4. Gloves leather (padded) - very "handy"
      5. Knee pads for FIBUA - I know I only got to use them for one exercise, but my knees thanked me and I can afford it. (This is however my least used item).


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        It varies on the Ground for me I had two 24 exes on in two weeks this year, I also had a 4 day ex with the PDF so thats why I said every three months if you take it over the whole year.

        As for kit
        1) Boots only bought them a year or two ago (German para boots) they are legend and cheap €35. Used regulary, basically were them everywhere except on parade nights.
        2) Webbing and bergen, got sick and tired of 58 or moldy issue kitso said feck and bought my own off of ebay decent quality and reasonable price.
        3) Mess tins, KFS hydration pack all very handy and useful.
        4) Dryflo, brill piece of kit so fecking handy
        5) Bridgedale socks, expensive feckers but so nice to wear.
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          I would say go easy and see what the lie of the land is first before you start shelling out.
          If you are ex pdf you should have a good idea as to what you need anyway.

          p.s to my rdf bretheren i would advise anyone thinking of buying plce in the near future to hold off.The pdf are changing their load carrying system.Guess whats gonna happen to the plce we have then?(i know some of ye wont like that ,but look at it this way.At least its not 58 ptn!):wink:
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            so instead of delapedated 58 pattern webb, we get delapedated PLCE.

            Lads continue buying your own webbing if you wish, in the long run you're better off.
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              Ok i have a question,out of curiosity,how often would i expect to go on the ground or do tactical training in an average PDF unit?


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                It would depend on the unit Gunner62


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                  The kit I bought ::

                  1 x Snipenosed pliars
                  1 x IDC insertion tool
                  1 x Electrical screwdrivers
                  2 x Packets of black cable ties


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                    I've never really bought anything until after an enemy camp there during the summer.

                    That experience gave me a damn good idea of what would have been bloody handy during that camp, though im pretty sure i went over board.

                    South African Issue Assault Vest (un-used, guess why)
                    Ghillie Suit (un-used again, guess why again, pretty obvious, i was rich at the time and evidently dumb)
                    Hydration System (best buy ever, though leaky, very annoying)
                    Camo Tape (extremely handy)
                    Camo netting (extremely handy yet again)
                    Small camo back pack (very handy, though US woodland pattern)
                    Hand "chain" saw (i know this will come in handy sometime... it better)
                    Camo cream (speaks for itself)
                    Small entrenchment tool (havn't actually used it yet)
                    Boot Polish/varnish ( *amazing* shine from it, extremely proud of that buy, lasts ages, rarely need a top up)
                    Bungees (pretty handy)

                    I'm intent on buying my own set of webbing, have since had no idea to look for it though from the above post apparantly its sold on ebay!

                    Was going to buy a decent pair of tactical boots but got issued a new pair for the tactics course during the summer, german made, HAIX if i remember right, too lazy to look. Amazing boots, so comfortable, though they are heavy enough.


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                      H'm given sparkys origainal unit I doubt if staying out on the ground was an issue.

                      My motto is if you think you need it you do..but remember what you need you have to carry a reasonable set of PLCE second hand cheap.....don't bother with gucci boots..get some second hand british pattern 91 boots.... a good quailty norgie..good sleeping systen..a water bottle or two...and some good socks....after the first time'll know better for the second time...
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                        Hmmm... good socks.. thats a damn fine point..

                        I made the mistake of wearing a pair of normal sports socks one day during a week of tactics...

                        lol the cut marks from my boots are still there on my legs..


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                          Ive bought about 3 pairs of boots, but then again, I use mine for hill walking as well and I do alot of hill walking, so I go through them at a nice old pace. I only make purchases of kit that I will use regulary in the rdf or will have uses out side of the rdf, ie Ive my driflo on me now here at work as it was freezing at 5.20am this morning.
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                            Originally posted by hptmurphy View Post
                            H'm given sparkys origainal unit I doubt if staying out on the ground was an issue.
                            My original unit was the A coy 8th Inf sorry for not writing that in, only went to the navy cause I was in recruits by the time the army called me for interview and I have to say although I am bitter about some things I had more good times than bad.
                            "Let no mans ghost come back to say my training let him down"


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                              I have my own set of plce and a pair of boots. Everything else i was issued, or will be when i go on exercses, or acquired (or decentralised as i prefer to say) over the yrs.
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