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What to bring on camp

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  • What to bring on camp

    I'm going on my FCA recruit camp in Cavan on Saturday. Is there anything i shouldn't forget? Other than kiwi polish of course!

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    Don't forget a towel!!! I also do and end up having to buy one on the way...


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      Don't forget to bring a loo roll with you as the stuff provided will scrape the ass of you, also flip-flops for the shower, and remember to put you Army No: on all items of your uniform, including boots and beret.


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        Yes, and bring a phone charger...


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          and dont forget your Condoms...... to keep the styer waterproof!
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            Actually, for my recruit camp, I actually brought too much stuff, and ended up causing myself a nightmare as I had too much kit to store etc.

            I'd say you will definitly not need as much civvy clothes as you think. Also, one of the best possible things that you can bring is a cordless iron. It is fantastic, especially as there is usually never enough room for ironing, and the damn place they give you to iron is usually very awkward to use.


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              Bring nail clippers, no one ever seems to have them.
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                From my experience the only civvy clothes required are a pair of jeans / pants, (or a dress for ladies if they so wish), change of socks and underwear for the week, a few t-shirts, and if you're having and end of camp party on the last nite, something to dress up in a bit more than the rest of the week


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                  sink plugs!


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                    just use the cap off your shaving foam it works wonders!


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                      A pair of insoles for your boots and polish.
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                        Wash gear:
                        Toothpaste, brush, towel, soap, shampoo, lynx, nail clippers, bog roll.
                        Shaving gear:
                        Razor&shaving gel (Because if you bring an electric they might have no sockets!)
                        Civvie Clothes:
                        Pants, T-Shirts, Socks&Jocks, Jacket/Coat
                        Polishing Gear:
                        Kiwi, Brush, QuickShine(For emergency use!)
                        Money!!!, Mobile, Don't forget banking details if you haven't already given them in!
                        Swiss army knife, ID, a small iron.

                        As already mentioned don't bring too much as you'll have to lug it around until you get billeted and storage may be a problem.

                        Sanity is optional!!!!:p

                        p.s. Best of Luck!


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                          ID is very important, especially if you intend to get langered...most places won't even let you in without it...

                          even camp bars are under observation now!!!


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                            don't forget loadsa money if you intend on getting totally jellied!!! i ran outta money last year disaster!!! lol oh and bring foot powder (just incase) and not to forget bring headache tablets of preferably get "get up and go with the verve" works wonders especially when you wake up at half six for PT
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                              here it is again!

                              did'nt copy well but you get the idea......

                              ARMY. CIVVIES. CLEANING.

                              TROUSERS DPM. TOWELS

                              SHIRTS DPM SHIRTS SOAP
                              BELT SHAMPOO
                              TSHIRTS TROUSERS TOOTHPASTE + BRUSH

                              PULLOVER WD SOCKS RAZOR + FOAM

                              headgear UNDERWEAR ANTIPERSPIRANT
                              BOOTS SHOES
                              SOCKS JACKET NAILBRUSH

                              TOILET ROLL

                              WET GEAR 1 AFTERSHAVE

                              EAR PROTECTORS 1 FACECLOTH

                              RANK MARKINGS FOOTPOWDER

                              TOILET BAG

                              RUNNERS BOOT POLISH
                              SHORTS 2 BRUSHES
                              SOCKS TIGHTS
                              TRACKSUIT POLISH CLOTH
                              TSHIRTS SMALL SCRUB BRUSH

                              MOBILE CHARGER
                              MOBILE PHONE
                              NOTEBOOK + PENS
                              SINK PLUG.
                              INSECT REPELLANT