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RDF Recruiting in Meath Area.

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    Originally posted by Hysteria616 View Post
    Cheers. It's only a summer job that I won't be able to keep come September as I'm back in college, so that doesn't matter. Yeah, if somebody is familiar with anyone in E Coy in Navan, then could you please send me a message with some details. That'd be great.

    Thanks for all the help.
    PM me and I will point you in the right direction.
    it will be long, it will be hard, and there will be no withdrawl
    Winston churchill


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      Originally posted by beenthere View Post
      PM me and I will point you in the right direction.
      Originally posted by beenthere View Post
      Of course they are, as I trained them myself.
      Nothing like banging your own drum, eh ?
      There's a few imports there now, though
      Long time no hear, Beenthere. Will be down in the Royal County myself on Saturday...
      "Well, stone me! We've had cocaine, bribery and Arsenal scoring two goals at home. But just when you thought there were truly no surprises left in football, Vinnie Jones turns out to be an international player!" (Jimmy Greaves)!"


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        if you didnt train the blow ins then you didnt train the "good" instructors
        but dont worry, apparently they've upgraded the other instructors through osmosis lol
        "He is an enemy officer taken in battle and entitled to fair treatment."
        "No, sir. He's a sergeant, and they don't deserve no respect at all, sir. I should know. They're cunning and artful, if they're any good. I wouldn't mind if he was an officer, sir. But sergeants are clever."