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What do you carry on your webbing/smock?

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    Actually I meant on parade i.e. when I am in the center.
    To close with and kill the enemy in all weather conditions, night and day and over any terrain


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      Originally posted by Goldie fish
      Naturally all this comes out for parade....or i just put on my second,clean smock.
      Second smock. Nice for some...


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        If you don't know what should be in your smock maybe you should not be wearing one.......Some of there questions are unbelievable !!


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          There was an excellent foldout in Connect a few months ago, based on what is carried, where & why for the Std NCOs Cse, run by the NCO Training Wing.

          But personally, on tactics I carry as little as I can in my smock, eg whistle, pen knife, tac aide, sweets etc. The reason being it makes it uncomfortable when you get down, more difficult to run, & harder to get things out. The flaps on the pockets, while making sure you don't lose anything, also make it very difficult to take things out quickly (especially a tac aide).


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            "The smock has massive pockets for a reason. What the FU&$ are you doing with a mobile on tactics?"

            Apparrantly you are unfamiliar with the lesser known code phrase invented by CIS personnell "use other means"= take out your mobile phone and ring the section commander because this radio is screwed.

            Bitching about SINCGARS: The SINCGARS cost about €10k. Handsets, without which the sets are useless, cost about €100. Guess what the DF didn't buy for the new radios? Or at least, that used to be the state of play.
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              Even the British Army resorted to individual troops using their personal mobile phones in the Balkans because the Clansman?(i think) radios werent working.Come to think of it how come the coverage there was good and I have to look like an idiot waving my phone around trying to get a signal with my t610 in parts of Belfast???
              Si vis pacem para bellum


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                The Finnish KFOR troops (with whom IRCON operate) have a GSM network set up over the area.


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                  Are the Finnish KFOR troops sponsored by Nokia:D


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                    ever heard the saying

                    LIVE, FIGHT,SURVIVE...

                    live from your bergin, fight from your cefo, survive (cant spell) from your smock....
                    Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil...prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...



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                      back to the pt

                      For Tactics:Whistle, Lighter, Penknife and compas.
                      Tie shoelace to each individual item and attach to the little ring at the top of your pockets (1 item per hole please).
                      Result:no loss of eqiup,know exactly where everything is and its easier to take out.
                      No need to thank me....... I already know.:D


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                        and you know with your vast experience?

                        and what if your hungry?

                        and does a bear sh1t in the woods?
                        Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil...prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon...



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                          Camo cream, bush hat, zippo, leatherman, camera, note book, pen, pencil, nd for exercise's, as much ammo as i can get my filthy little hands on.


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                            I never said that was all you carry in your smock.
                            I offered a suggestion, and I assumed that your previous post "Survive (cant spell) from your smock" covered food.
                            You'd be surprised that most soldiers are intelligent enough to understand...... Why cant you? :p


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                              TM 201 sets out what you should have in your smock, check the appendices

                              Failing that download the Connect poster on Admin in the Field <b>here</b>
                              SALUTE:- Formal if infrequently observed wave at an officer usually followed by "hows it going sir ?"


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                                true, it does, but as GF said if you've got a second smock for those hot summer nights ...

                                TM201 is getting on a bit now but that appendix is damn useful .

                                yer KFS can go in a pocket or hang a spoon round your neck

                                My leatherman normally goes in the compass pocket , tac aide on the inside zip

                                kfs and maglite , ziplocked lighter and fags in the pockets, peltor and small mapcase w/compass tied on inside in left pocket, field dressing in field dressing pocket

                                I find I can't move fast with anything more than the map in the trous

                                the rest is a good balance between what's needed and wanted.
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