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Joining the RDF (for those with PDF service)

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  • Joining the RDF (for those with PDF service)

    1 left the pdf in 99 . since then i have signed on and been paid as a 1st line reservist . on more than one occasion i have been told that i was to be assigned to the fca but have heard nothing. what is the story ? i was not the worlds best soldier ,but feel i have something to offer, but apparently i cannot join the fca does any one know whats happening there was supposed to be a report ?:confused: :confused: :confused:
    if i could keep the black beret i would be there with bells on
    Anyone need a spleen ?

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    Black Beret

    I don't know how long you were in the PDF but I am a reservist for the last 28 years and I wore a Black Beret once upon a time as well.So don't run down our green Beret,the Reserves work in outside occupations as well as serving in the Defence Forces.
    If you were not the worlds best soldier then you may not have enough to offer us guy's.


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      Iv heard it said, and would be inclined to agree, that the first line of reserve to the army is the civil defence. if there is ever any need for extra personel the fca are never called, (with the exception of barrick duties).

      So if you think you got what it takes, fell the need for something different, but dont want to shot some real guns and dont mind wareing a yellow jump suit, then join the Civil Defence, the 1st line reserve defence force, otherwise join the RDF.
      sorry thats not much help to you ollie. if you left the PDF and wanted to join the RDF (FCA), then all you need do is go down to your local unit and join. you'll get an new army number and it will be as if you had never been in the army. as far as i can see, its not possible to transfer from the PDF to the RDF. if it was, youd see a lot of lads going into the army from the reserve. any way best of luck with this matter and if you have joind the RDF unknown to you, welcom to the 2nd line reserve


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        Ya iron arse "where the hell did he get that name" is on to a good point here. Although there is a 1st line reserve made up of ex-pdf you can be reactivated in an emergency and the RDF are the 2nd line, with lots of professional skills any real world DF wouls embrace and use for its own good. The real 1st line when it comes to anything is indeed the Civil Defence, although they get put down as much as the RDF and has a big yellow uniform, in all fairness they get to put real training into practice on a regular basis, flood assistance, searchers on both land and water, major crowd control, first aid and fire fighting skill.

        If there was a chemical or bio attack or even a major disaster such as a plane crashing in an urban area, they would be the one's called in, we recieve little or no training in these area's and although we as a whole probably have people that could be used in these situations the skills are not accounted for by the DF.

        Although even the Civil Defence would say that their equipment when it come to fire fighting and anything to do with a chem or bio attack is seriously lacking but then it is the same even with the PDF.


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          First Line Reserve

          The First line reserve is made up of ex-PDF who have a reserve commitment as part of their service. It is laid down in DFRs that you have the right to transfer into the FCA but as far as I know it is you who has to initiate it - you cannot be assigned against your will. However once you transfer you will wear the Green Beret. Even if you were not the best soldier you presumably passed all your PDF training and if you come in with the right attitude you will be a great asset to your unit.

          The Civil Defence is not part of the Army reserve structure, and despite being administered by the Department of Defence, it is not even part of the Defence Forces. They are purely a reserve for the “blue-light” services and have no military role. Saying that they carry out their duties in a competent manner and terms of time spent on active duties they are probably as active, and more useful, than some FCA units.


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            i have asked about going into the fca but was told my reserve period had to elapse first . at the moment i get paid to do nothing , surely it would make more sense for me to be passing on what i can . i have toet'ed on most weapons (milan, .50, 81 ) , am a qualified medic and signal man with the sincgar system yet i am told that if the eu rrc is activated then i am liable to be called up ahead of the fca
            Anyone need a spleen ?


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              I read somewhere either 54 Act or R5/R6 about the process, but I can't seem to find it now. Will post when I have something.


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                up until a few years ago, you could enlist in the RDF once you 'go on your ticket', retaining your rank if you did it within a specified time, if not then you automatically went onto the 1st line. eg we have had 2 sgts join retaining their rank, without doing 1st line service. maybe changed since, but I doubt it


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                  thanks this is a typical irish answer to a problem hold off and hope an answer appears from some where.

                  There was a proposal made by the pricewaterhouse report i think saying that full intergration of fca and pdf was a logical step in better training and value for money.

                  The idea was for a more streamlined and active fca component filling the role of reserve companies within reg units .This was to allow the deployment of a complete batt or other formation instead of the current ad hoc basis of using other sources of man power .It would also have risen the profile and standing of the fca with a knock on effect of giving value for money .

                  last i heard the idea was under discussion has it been dropped or filed away for another day ???
                  Anyone need a spleen ?


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                    Currently there are no plans to change the status of the first line reserve


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                      My understanding is that with the signing of the steering group report by the minister recently, the FCA & 1st line reserve have been amalgamated together into the one reserve.


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                        Your understanding is incorrect


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                          in Reply to Ollie


                          Nice to see an ex-PDF member express an interest in rejoining, in the Reserve. Hopefully civvy life is not boring you too much! I note you're ex-"Bloods", so dependent on where you are living geographically, joining an E Bde unit might be an option, as there would be a wider choice of units, Corps-wise, to enlist in. In DFTC, presently only two Inf Bns and one Arty Regt. As regards your service, it would definitely count to any unit worth their salt. I will send you a PM to two scenarios I can think of...

                          Good luck
                          Truck Driver
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                            RE: Bravo20

                            I was actually also under the impression that the 1st Line reserve had been abolished, with PDF going on their ticket obliged to serve out their "on-call" term with a reserve unit. This would tie i with what Ollie said in his opening mail....
                            "Well, stone me! We've had cocaine, bribery and Arsenal scoring two goals at home. But just when you thought there were truly no surprises left in football, Vinnie Jones turns out to be an international player!" (Jimmy Greaves)!"


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                              No the first line stays as it is at the moment