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BBC 1 NI Docu-Officer and Commander

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  • BBC 1 NI Docu-Officer and Commander

    BBC 1 Northern Ireland have made a Documentary on the Royal Navy's submarine HMS sovereign. From the clips tey showed it would appear that they are following the Irish members of crew. Might be interesting

    Officer and Commander
    Wed 15 Nov, 10:45 pm - 11:15 pm 30mins

    Britain's oldest nuclear submarine, HMS Sovereign, is about to be deployed on her final, secret mission.

    For her Captain, Commander Steve Aiken OBE, from Northern Ireland it will his last sea-going tour of duty. This series follows them through the last year of their operational life from training and emergencies, to problems that threaten to scupper the entire project.
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    Sounds like "Shipmates".


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      Originally posted by McCarthy View Post
      Sounds like "Shipmates".


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        Just finished watching the first was nothing special, doesnt compare to the series about our Navy by any means.


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          hi there
          I saw the last episode and it just reeked of a shafting for the skipper. Who did he piss off, that he couldn't see out his last voyage as Boss and then not be allowed to attend the decomm ceremony??. Even his old crewmates didn't mention him! He seems to have been given a poisoned chalice from Word 1...try and get a tatty old banger physically fit for a full-scale operational mission, endure a grilling from the Ops review gang, get a shitty pass mark from them and then take a dodgy boat out on Ops, to try and be as good as a fully serviceable vessel. Somebody had it in for him, big style. His name is mud,command-wise unless he can pull off a miracle in future.Pity, for he seemd decent enough.


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            His treatment seems very simliar to the treatment of Tim Collins by the BA
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