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US Coast Guard Deepwater Program

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  • US Coast Guard Deepwater Program

    This story in the New York Times reveals quite a scandal in the oversight and planning of the Coast Guard modernization program.

    Excerpt from link "The modernization effort was a bold experiment, called Deepwater, to build the equivalent of a modest navy — 91 new ships, 124 small boats, 195 new or rebuilt helicopters and planes and 49 unmanned aerial vehicles".

    Vincent Laforet for The New York Times
    PATROL BOATS Converted at a cost of $12 million each, these boats, which have been taken out of service, sustained hull breaches and shaft alignment problems that the Coast Guard tried to repair in Key West, Fla.


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    Yes, the Island class patrol boat modernization and extension has been a failure. I have mentioned it before on another thread. I thought it was a bad idea to attempt this from the beginning, as these patrol boats have been used. New patrol boats are being planned to replace the 40 strong Island class patrol boats fifteen years earlier than planned, starting with a new order in 2007. At least the Coast Guard stopped the modernization program at 8 boats when the defects became known.

    Some elements of the Coast Guard's Deepwater program have met difficuties. Yes, finally under the Dept. of Homeland Security proper funds have been allocated to the Coast Guard. At least the Coast Guard hasn't spent $36 billion dollars developing stealth aircraft. Total considered waste for the Coast Guard may add up to only $1 billion. New designs with new technologies do cost some money....

    I fully support the new Deepwater program, its about time we arm our Coast Guard with new technologies, so that they can do the job they have always done. Without new equipment, the Coast Guard will fail.

    As far as the New York Times, this newspaper is the most liberal, anti-defense newpaper in the United States. It now appears the Coast Guard has to meets it scrutiny. Unfortunately the newspaper hasn't one suggestion in how to modernize the Coast Guard, at least not in this story. I wonder if they think the Coast Guard should rot away and wither?