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    What is the Naval Service's role and capabilities in the area of mine countermeasures?

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    the Naval Services' role & capabilities regarding mines and such like is not public information and as such should not be discussed here,


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      why not?

      If you do a search on the Internet you will find basic information about most western navies, including their mine countermeasures (MCM) roles and capabilities. For example, the Royal Navy:

      So I don't see the problem: national security is not at risk here.


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        Look. You are new so maybe you don't understand. Read the Board rules. I don't care where else you saw it on the web, if you found it elsewhere why did you ask about it here?

        Desist immediately in trying to seek restricted information on this site. Continue to do so and you will be banned. I suggest you seek your information on The roles of the NS are listed clearly there.
        If its in the public domain, it is ok for discussion. Unless I see proof to the contrary, this information is restricted and not to be discussed.
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        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.