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    Leander? The mention of that class of frigate will always bring a smile around these parts. A fine ship .... in its day.

    Whats interesting about the purchase of these 5 vessels is that the ADF will be able to fufill its 2016 defence vision of being able to deploy two expeditionary amphibious task forces. I'm assuming that each ATF group based around an LPD will include a Sealift ship, a F100 destroyer, a replenishment/supply ship, an Anzac class or two, a collins class submarine and 20+ helicopters. Its a remarkable capability for what is country of only 20 million people. If both Task Forces went to sea at the same time the RAN would still have 4 Collins Class subs, 6 Anzacs, 6 Huons, 12 Armidales and a Destroyer available at home. That on its own is a fairly decent fleet. Incidently during the past couple of weeks the RAN has been exercising with the USS Kittyhawk and its CSG (Exercise Talisman Sabre). The Kittyhawk is on its last major cruise before decommisioning. Its a grand old ship and probably will end up held in reserve at Bremerton NISMF for a few years. Its visit to Australian waters has been very much a feature in the news in this part of the world. No doubt the RAN have been enjoying the experience.


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      Goldie just for your info. The US air craft carrier has recently been in sydney. One of the reasons it was there was for assessment of the need for the Australian fleet in blueprint 2020. from what I can tell is they're in talks with the US about buying one of a similar design.


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        Correct me if I'm wrong..but didn't the Aussies refer to their version of the' leanders 'as the'Impoved River class'..and the Kiwis retained the designation..Leander.The Kiwi ones were British built while the Aussie ones were all Australian built .

        marginally shorter with different weapons fits.The Australians manage to get the IKARA anti submarine launcher and the DP twin 4.5inch aboard while the UKRN vould oinly manage one or the other....and later versions got Exocet.
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          You are correct. They were classed as Destroyer Escorts and not Frigates in the RAN named after Aussie rivers. Four were Batch 1 Type 12's and the later two were Leanders.