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Internet Connection at Sea

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  • Internet Connection at Sea

    Is there any way a rating can connect to the internet while at sea?

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    Yes the ships now have a limited internet access up to 12-14miles it is hoped to get that extended but when god only knows.

    I can only speak for what I have seen, its broadband not censored the only thing is the door of the office housing the comp is latched open and the usage must off course be within acceptable norms ie No Porn aor downloading crap that clogs up or ruins the comp. and you cannot hog the comp its for email and surfing not beboing the thing to death.

    Also be aware that as a DF internet access point all the traffic can be monitered if they so wish so if you abuse we all lose it.

    It brillant to the chance to send emails home, check the bank online, post on your fav forums so as long as the young fellas dont ruin it it'll be a great asset when we get full 200mile coverage.


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      Yes, all ships now have satellite broadband installed, and can be used by anyone.


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        im going to bring my laptop to sea, if only to use it to watch some dvds im bringing with me to relax after working all day.

        However is the broadband distributed using wifi? and if so am i allowed connect to it using my laptop? does the range of the wifi spread to the cabins and who do i need to ask to get the encryption key?

        I will be using the internet connection to manage/administrate some websites and reply to emails, all work related stuff and of course msn messenger to keep in contact with friends.

        If no to the above

        Can i ask where the pc is on board the L.E Niamh and who do i ask for permission to use it.


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          I reckon it could take a crack CIA team to track down your identity.... anyways, its surely in the radio cabin on the bridge and I'd speak to either the XO or else the Po/Comop.


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            I'd say you'd confine those questions to whoever is in charge of you when you are aboard. Its not a suitable topic for discussion on a public board.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.