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NSR officer gives evidence at murder trial

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  • NSR officer gives evidence at murder trial

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    Coincidence or what?

    The named officer ( Eddie Mulligan)I went to school with and served both (Slua Muiri and Naval Service )with prior to his being accepted as a cadet. I had left the service before he was comissioned but we kept in touch . Great guy.

    He holds the honour of the first enlisted man in the NS to be accepted as a cadet.He also served as Diving officer and is noted for the recovery of the wreck of the Jena Lisa in 1997

    The accussed ( John O'Brien ) I worked with for five years and shared a house with for two years and also he and I were the first privately trained firefighters in Ireland, having trained in Teeside with the UK CAA in 1991
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      Served with him on the Aisling just before he left the NS.

      True gentleman.


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        MOD: Following a reported post from a member that I agree with I am suspending this thread until the outcome is known. Comments in relation to the persons associated with the trial can then be discussed.

        Can I take this oppourtunity to also ask that if people can indeed report posts and threads they see causing issues as I sometimes overlook threads. Thanking you
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