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Authority of the NS Threatened???

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  • Authority of the NS Threatened???

    From Irish Independent:

    Skipper defies navy over alleged fishing breaches

    By Tom Brady and Brendan Furlong

    Wednesday July 23 2008

    Gardai are to carry out an investigation into a confrontation between a Kilmore Quay fishing trawler and a Naval Service vessel off the Co Wexford coast yesterday afternoon.

    The standoff followed the detention of the trawler for alleged breaches of sea fishing regulations.

    Two unarmed Naval personnel from the LE Emer boarded the trawler, the Eimear Jane, around midday to investigate the alleged breach and ordered the skipper, Paul Furlong, to head to Dunmore East port in county Waterford.

    But after apparently receiving instructions on his radio, the skipper decided, instead, to return to their home port at Kilmore Quay.

    The captain of the LE Emer then decided to withdraw the boarding party as he was concerned for their safety.

    A spokesman said that the Naval personnel had sufficient information on the alleged offence and that evidence would be handed over to the gardai and the fishery authorities for further investigation.

    He denied a claim by the owners of the trawler that the Naval Service had threatened to open fire on them.


    The spokesman said the personnel adopted standard operational procedures, which did not include threats to fire.

    The LE then resumed patrolling as the trawler returned to Kilmore Quay where more than 500 people turned up to meet the fishermen.

    Seamus O'Flaherty, one of the owners of a fleet of fishing vessels, said : "We refused to go to Dunmore East. All we had on the boat was two boxes of scallops, which we were not supposed to have.

    "We said we were going to our own port, Kilmore Quay. If the skipper was going to be arrested and the vessel docked for several days, at least we would be able to carry out some work on the vessel", he added.

    His brother, Brendan, said the owner, Michael O'Flaherty, had directed the skipper not to co-operate because he wanted to "make a stand". He added: "We just can't take it any more".

    The Naval Service has the power to detain a vessel when enforcing EU fishery regulations but arrests must be carried out by the gardai. Officers then hand over their evidence to the gardai for a prosecution under the Maritime Fisheries Act.

    The O'Flaherty family, who own several large fishing trawlers in Kilmore Quay, have been involved in recent national protests by fishermen.

    Gardai made a brief appearance at the port as the trawler docked at 7pm, but there were no arrests.

    - Tom Brady and Brendan Furlong

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    His brother, Brendan, said the owner, Michael O'Flaherty, had directed the skipper not to co-operate because he wanted to "make a stand".
    Really. So 500 people turning up at Kilmore Quay is a "stand" . Defying SFOs is a "stand"

    Go and F**K yourselves.
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    "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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      let them make all the stands they like..he has admitted he had illegal catch on board, the NS had all the required details, he only went as far as Kilmore and was investigated by the Gardai

      Some ****ing stand

      As for the threating to fire on them...absolute bullshit. He wasn't going anywhere.. the Boarding party were on board..

      If the OC was that bothered about a half decker with a few boxes of scallops , he could have mustered a full boarding party, armed them and taken control of the vessel under what ever offence he wanted to dream up and then handed them over to the Gardai.

      Diplomacy and non confrontation got the same job done.

      All the fishermen have done is made them selves a target for the media and if anything highlighted the fact that the NS are not heavy handed.

      Well done that skipper !

      This is fishermen trying to make them selves out to be the victims of the evil naval service that deprives them of a means to tax evasion.
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        If that's the same Mick Fla from Kilmore Quay that I served with, then he's an ex-er and should know the ropes.The fishermen did get sold out by the Govt in favour of the farmers but abusing the NS is no way to behave.Using intimidatory tactics by rounding up 500 supporters is cunning, self-serving and cynical as they know the Gardai would not force their way thru 500 people to nick a skipper for a few boxes of scallops.Still, what goes around...


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          I read today that the NS have no power to police outside the 12 mile limit either(slightly connected). They were asked to investigate the ramming of an Irish Trawler by a spanish one off the south west coast. It seems they can only do so within the 12 mile limit.

          On the subject of heavy handedness, he, and other fishermen, should remember that the NS could have broken their blockade of Cork Harbour recently(one of the PVs was due back at Haulbowline as the blockade was mounted) but instead, in their own heavy handed way, decided to go to anchor in Ballycotton Bay instead.

          They are trying to carry their ongoing row with the SFPO in Dunmore out to the NS.

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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            Sure they do fishery patrols out into the EEZ (200 miles) and further with NAFO (or whatever it is called now).

            Was a similar thing not discussed before re the Royal Navy making drug arrests on the high seas. As far as I remember - they have to have the permission from the State the vessel is flagged?


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              Fishery patrols are not policing as such. They are working for the EU while on fishery patrol in the EEZ.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                NAFO is now NEAFC.

                They were in no way heavy handed.

                It is an offence not to go to a port designated by SFPO when boarded, so they would have been done for obstruction as well, among other things.
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