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RNLI ditch current FCB2 design

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  • RNLI ditch current FCB2 design

    Ive just been reading this Autumn's edition of The Lifeboat.

    The RNLI's experimental lifeboat, FCB2 has been sent back to the drawing board.

    It was hoped the FCB2 would have evolved into the next generation of carraige-launched all-weather lifeboat, replacing the Mersey Class.

    The hull shape proved inadequate when tested in rough weather so the RNLI engineers are working on a new design. On a positive note, trials showed that the FCB2's pioneering
    water jet propulsion proved very effective.

    Launch and recovery systems worked very well too, however at speeds of over 14 knots in rough head seas, the hull was slamming from wave peaks into troughs far to heavily to guarantee crew saftey.

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    Looks very small compared to a Mersey (which itself is small)


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      Yes this quite correct, there have been problems with this type of hull. Indeed I heard that some crews have expressed their concern about puting to sea in certain classes of life boat. Some have suffered back injuries due to heavy slamming.

      One interesting point is that the RNLI are looking at a certain type of hull that has been developed here in Cork and which has proved to have outstanding seakeeping qualities, especially in following seas, where there is no tendency to broach, no slamming in head seas and excellent stability in all conditions.

      I'm keeping my ear to the ground!


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        No slamming there.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          Yes, thats one !