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Plans for Space Battleship Musashi Opposed by Environmentalists

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  • Plans for Space Battleship Musashi Opposed by Environmentalists

    These damned greenies keep spoiling all our fun.

    The Japanese have a plan afoot.
    The battleship Musashi was Yamato's sister ship. The idea is to go from this...

    To this...

    to this.

    Yamato herself has broken into three pieces making her unsuitable for the conversion, and thus the Yamato class Musashi is required to fill the gap. However, there is a problem. Some busybody politician (not even Japanese!) is objecting on the grounds that it will damage the marine environment. Maybe the Japanese will send a few Ninjas over...

    Raising Musashi could harm environment -, Philippine News for Filipinos

    MANILA, Philippines—Opposition Senator Loren Legarda is against a plan to bring to surface the Japanese warship Musashi, which sank off Romblon province 64 years ago during the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea.

    Legarda said raising Musashi, among the largest and most heavily-armed battleships ever built, could imperil the marine ecosystem in the area.

    “Surely, the warship is now home to marine life off the island of Romblon. Refloating it now would invite damage to the marine ecosystem there," she said in a statement on Wednesday.

    Legarda’s warning came after a group of Japanese, headed by a government representative Kiyoshi Goto, offered to refloat the shipwreck found 4,430 feet under water at 13 degrees 07'01" North, 122 degrees 31'59" East, off the Bondoc Peninsula.

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    Looks like they may have to settle for the Bismark instead


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      Everyone knows great Yamato is the best!