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    It will be a few weeks before I get back to Ireland, and I'm looking at ordering some after market parts for two models.

    First one I will be building (before Flower class) is the MTB M2.

    What I know about them is tha they were meant to go to Estonia and Latvia, but were transferred to Ireland after USSR over ran them and Germany invaded Norway and Denmark, closing the Skag.
    Built by Thornycroft 1940 40grt
    M1 originally built for Estonia
    M2 originally built for Latvia
    2 torpedoes. Depth Charges. Madsen or Hotchkiss M/guns

    M2 may have taken part in Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk evacuation) prior to delivery to Ireland.

    Anyone have any further info on the 6 MTBs e.g.
    18" or 21" torps? Lewis Guns, Brens or others?

    In terms of photo reference, this is what I can find online:

    The Wiki file on the generic type is:

    British Power Boat 60 ft MTB
    Based on the British Power Boat rescue boat for the Royal Air Force but reduced to 60 ft in length. It could carry two 18 inch torpedoes at a maximum speed of 33 knots. The Royal Navy ordered their first in 1936

    Vosper 70 ft Motor Torpedo Boat
    Although various boat lengths were produced by Vosper for the Royal Navy, the "70 ft" was produced from 1940.

    Early models carried two 21-inch torpedo tubes, two 0.50 inmachine guns and two 0.303 in machine guns. They could also carry four depth charges.

    Vosper Types 1 & 2. Between 1943 and 1945 two Vosper designs appeared, the "Vosper Type I 73ft", and then the Type II

    Vosper Type I
    Length: 73 ft (22 m)

    Four 18-inch (457 mm) Torpedo tubes
    Oerlikon 20 mm cannon
    Two 0.303 in Vickers K machine guns (optionally two 0.5 Vickers MG)
    Crew: 13

    Vosper Type II
    This design remained in use after the war.

    Length 73 ft (22 m)

    Two 18-inch (457 mm) Torpedo
    QF 6 pdr Mark IIA (57 mm)[1]
    20mm Oerlikon
    Two 0.303 Vickers MG
    Crew 13
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    Ive mention these guys who are local to me. Check their website out if you already have not done so.

    Click on the ' Select a boat here ' drop down menu. :wink:
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      Top Banana


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        From A History of the Irish Naval Service - Aidan McIvor
        Length: 72'
        Beam: 16' 7"
        Draft: 5' 3"
        Displacement: 40 tons
        Machinery: 4 Thornycroft Rolls Royce 12 cylinders in tandem of 650 hp each. 2 propellors, 2 rudders
        Fuel: 1500-2000 gallons petrol
        Max Speed: 35 knots
        Complement: 2 officers 9 ratings
        Armament: 2 x 18 inch (476mm) torpedoes, 1 x .303 Hotchiss machine gun, 2 depth charges

        Built for Latvia, handed over at Hampton 5 July 1940. Commissioned by Lt A Thompson 6 July 1940, sold to Col Fitzmaurice 15 Sept 1948

        M1 - 3 were all similar.


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          Hi there
          I remember reading of complaints from the Dept of Finance about the cost of fueling the MTBs as they used aviation fuel, the same as the Air Corps' piston engines, which had to be got from Britain.Bean-counters moaning about military monies....nothing ever changes.


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            Check your PM Simon.. two different types of MTBs used .
            Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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              There is mod Stel of one of the MTB's and also a model of LE Macha in the Irish Steam Museum inraffan, Co. Kildare. Both are about 4 feet long and are displayed in glass cases. They originally where working models, (MTB-RC Electric) (Macha RC-Steam!). As I see you are also looking to build a flower class, there are some excellent pictures of all three Irish corvettes on the Flower Class Corvette Forum. These pictures are from both their time in INS and the RN. Link is