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    any truth in it that no tenders or plans yet for new ships have come back to navy top brass.. will they get that other wall on the irish steel side for those ships if they do go (ahead)... the army seem to get what they want . not to long go the navy were doing drug bust id have said thats rubber stamped new ship got .. cant be the navy side they must be sick of drawing ships in planning

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    If you use the search function you will see that there is numerous threads on the new vessels, can you please use the search function to find your answers before repeating questions that have been asked previously.


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      Deep Breaths zone 1.
      There is nobody else using the west wall at the moment, but I'd say the navy won't get full use of it until the cleanup is complete, or at least finalised. Find out all about that in the thread about Irish Steel Mill.

      In the dail the minister has made numerous commitments to the new ships. You can find out all about what he said in the "OPV for Naval service" thread.

      As for the army getting everything they want.... still no sign of those leopard tanks.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        that wall