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  • BAM - new Spanish OPV

    Navantia Launches First Naval Action Ship for Spanish Navy (BAM in Spanish)

    The San Fernando-Puerto Real shipyard on October 16 launched “P41 Meteoro,” the first of four Maritime Action Ships for the Spanish Navy. .....

    This vessel is the first in the initial series of four Navantia-built BAM ships for the Spanish navy, according to Executive Order signed on 31 July 2006, but is expected to eventually involve a total of 10 units. Delivery of the lead ship is planned for late 2010....

    It is a vessel of moderate size, high performance, great versatility in terms of missions, a high level of commonality with other Navy ships and reduced acquisition and service life costs.

    Its main missions are:
    - Protection and escorting other ships
    - Control of shipping
    - Control and neutralization of terrorist and piracy
    - Operations against drug trafficking and human trafficking
    - Rescue and Salvage
    - Support for crisis situations and humanitarian
    - Control of fishing laws
    - Control of environmental legislation and anti-pollution

    Main characteristics:
    - Length overall: 93.90 m
    - Maximum Beam: 14.20 m
    - Height to Flight Deck: 7.2 m
    - Full load displacement: 2,575 t
    - Draft: 4.4 m
    - Maximum speed: 20.5 kts
    - Range (at 15 knots): 8,000 miles
    - Crew: 35
    - Additional capacity: 35 people.

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    Crew 35. DoF would be impressed. Seems strange that there is no contribution here from a certain source.
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      You're right somethings missing here.


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        Yeah Goldie!

        Little problem being the delivery of the lead ship being in 2010. Wold they have the capaicty to build three more alongside the number they have envisaged for themselves?
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          Well I feel I can speak for Goldie especially since he's not here to defend himself.

          If he was here he might have said.

          "That'll do nicely. I'll take two of them thank you very much". (in a Cork accent of course)

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