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L/Sea Michael Quinn 20th anniversity

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  • L/Sea Michael Quinn 20th anniversity

    folks it is 20 years since michaels death - there is a mass orgainised for sunday 31st on drogheda @ 10:30 with plans for a wall plaque to be erected for his 21st anniversity next year - there is a bus leaving dublin at 08:45 hrs sunday 31st -if you are interested pm me note there is no cost involved for bus travel - the full cost of transport and wall plaque has been paid by ex-naval and nsr personal .

    for those not familar with the drowning here is a brief outline

    On the night of January 30th 1990. A Spanish fishing vessel which had been previously detained on fisheries offences in Irish waters ignored a storm warning and put to sea going aground on rocks on Roancarrigbeg in Bantry Bay. In response to the distress call LE Deirdre despatched Leading Seaman Michael Quinn and Able Seaman Paul Kellet in the ships inflatable Gemini to attempt a rescue of the Spanish Seamen. The conditions were extremely bad and the seas too rough so the Gemini attempted to turn back and was capsized by a large wave. Able Seaman Kellet made it to the rocks and scrambled ashore, but Leading Seaman Quinn drowned. Leading Seaman Quinn's body was recovered the next day. The Spanish Crew were subsequently rescued by helicopter. The King of Spain awarded the Spanish Cross of Naval Merit to Paul Kellet. .

    i ask his former collegues and friends to join us on sun 31th

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    A plaque was unveiled in Drogheda on Sunday in memory of L/S Michael Quinn DSM.

    Some photos here

    edited for date. sorry
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      Originally posted by sluggie View Post
      a plaque was unveiled in drogheda on 'sunday ' in memory of l/s michael quinn dsm.

      Some photos here



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        And boy was it sunny!

        Went through some of the faces on various piccy pages, great turn out, NSR and NS did a great job, NA to be credited, and the RNA looked well.

        Touch of nostalgia,sadness and a lot of pride running through the whole thing.

        Clashed with something else I had planned on the day , but I had a cousin in the GOH, so I felt represented in my absence.

        the next commemeration should be held in the Westbourne Bar in Cobh, Micks local.
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          The dining complex in the base is dedicated to Mick. It should be called in ordinary conversation the Quinn Complex rather than the Dining Complex.