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    What's the Navy's official standing re on-board alcohol?

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    to ensure it's evenly distributed


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      Depends what navy's wardroom they are emptying.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Messes open when at anchor or along side at Captains discretion.Drink while under way not allowed.

        Used to be a 'bond' allowance in line with customs regulations but not for issue along side or consumption under way.

        This was the way, not sure how it operates. Eithne had its own rec space with bar, prices were 45p per pint back in 1988...with credit facility.

        Cigarettes were £4.50 for 200 with each man entitle to an issue of 200, but you often bought the non smokers allowance.

        After I left the NS I didn't realize how expensive smokes were, at the time we could buy 200 for the price of 20 ashore and it would be rare to have less than a few hundred 'spogged away.'

        Officially you were allowed one open 20 pack and one sealed on your presence going ashore under bond rules but this was never enforced.
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          Going across the Med..

          I remember once we were allowed have 2 pints a day while heading over to the Leb... I dont think we stuck to the rules though ...