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Air India Crash RTE 1 Tue 22nd

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  • hptmurphy
    Can't take away from individuals efforts,they deserved their own awards but the rest of the crew largley went unnoticed as a result.

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  • Goldie fish
    This is why I suggested before that instead of an individual getting a medal(on behalf of the work of the crew) the ship should get it, and the ribbon colours painted on or above the bridge wing.
    Same could apply for overseas postings, should the NS ever deploy as part of an Overseas op, rather than just a resupply.

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  • hptmurphy
    Yeah Muiris Mahon CPO DSM is still serving..very active on face book.

    Hes the only one left since Jm Robinsons retirement.

    Apart from the DSM guys the rest of the guys on board did equally as well in handling the situation as the bodies were taken aboard and prepared for the trip back to Cork.

    Some weren't too comfortable with it all and took no Part but took on the duties of others engaged in the recovery.

    I always felt theat the ship and the entire crew serving at the time deserved some sort of unit commendation.

    Ailsing is often belittled but she was on site control while the rescue recovery operation was in its initial stages.

    Young men out there who were faced with horror that was never seen before and they went about best way the could.

    Not heroes as such but guys who were prepared to their job in the most adverse of conditions and out their lives on the line in the vain hope they might rescue someone. It also proved a source of comfort to families whose family members remains were recovered.

    But the NS recognise the efforts made, especially those of us who knew a lot of the guys involved.Most never spoke of it.

    Job well done

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  • spider
    There was a documentary about the Irish Navy 10 years ago or so and this was mentioned in it.

    They interviewed a PO Diver who I'm nearly sure got a DSM.

    Stocky bloke with short dark hair, played a big, big part in this operation.

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  • Goldie fish
    Relatives of Air India victims gather for ceremony
    By Sean O’Riordan

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    RELATIVES of some of the 329 people killed during one of the world’s deadliest terrorist attacks will gather in west Cork this week to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Air India disaster.

    Joined by dignitaries from the Irish embassies of India and Canada, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin, will lay a wreath at the peninsula memorial garden in Ahakista.

    Wednesday’s early morning event is being organised by Cork County Council which maintains the commemoration site.

    The ceremony will start just before 8.13am – the precise time the Air India 182 flight from Montreal to Delhi disappeared off radar screens at Shannon air traffic control.

    The ill-fated jumbo carrying mainly Canadian and Indian citizens, including ten passengers under the age of ten, blew up over the Atlantic off the Irish coast on June 23, 1985.

    The wreckage was spread over nine miles in the Atlantic. The plane, it emerged, had been cruising at 31,000ft when an explosion occurred.

    Last week a Canadian inquiry determined police should have known the Air India flight was a terrorist target.

    Canadian Supreme Court Justice John Major said a "cascading series of errors" contributed to the failure of his country’s police and security forces to prevent the atrocity.

    An hour earlier, a bomb in baggage intended for another Air India flight exploded in the Tokyo airport, killing two baggage handlers.

    In a five-volume report, Justice Major said the level of error, incompetence, and inattention which took place before the flight exploded off the Irish coast was "sadly mirrored in many ways for many years, in how authorities, governments and institutions dealt with the aftermath of the murder of so many innocents".

    Prosecutors claimed the terrorist attack was carried out by Sikh militants in revenge for a deadly 1984 raid by Indian forces on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest shrine of their religion.

    About 800 Sikhs, including militants taking refuge in the temple, lost their lives.

    Before the bombings, Canadian intelligence officials had apparently learned of the plot by Sikh separatists to launch a terror attack in Canada and India.

    "There were individuals in the Sikh community who claimed to have knowledge about the bombing and its perpetrators," Justice Major said.

    Inderit Singh Reyat, who was convicted of manslaughter for the bombings, remains the only suspect ever convicted of a role in the attacks.

    Two other accused were brought to trial but never convicted.

    The bomb killed all 307 passengers and 22 crew.

    Around an hour after the plane disappeared off radar, the cargo ship Laurentian Forest had discovered the wreckage of the aircraft and many bodies floating in the water.

    The LÉ Aisling led the search for bodies but the final number recovered was 131.

    RELATIVES of some of the 329 people killed during one of the world’s deadliest terrorist attacks will gather in west Cork this week to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Air India disaster.

    This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Monday, June 21, 2010
    Aisling was the first Naval Vessel on scene, but there were many more, from my memory Emer was also out, and Eithne was fitted later with a side scan sonar to assist in the search for the Black Box, along with HMS Challenger, , John Cabot, Guardline Locator, Leon Thevenin as well as the first vessel on scene of course, the Cargo Ship Laurentian Forest.

    Are any of the 4 DSMs for that event still serving?
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  • golden rivet
    you will probably see a quick shot of a doctor on the oil wharf.. a lot of lads long since gone are still having flash backs of that day... they said that they felt angry as they came along side to the waiting press and everyone clinically dressed..sad time but well executed by the crew of p23 at the time..well done to them..

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  • hedgehog
    Your dead right Murph

    The part the Naval Service played will no doubt be diluted over the years

    and the sad thing is I was part of the same organisation and I nor most of the lads

    on here dont know the full extent of the heroics that our lads done-

    mate I am sure that there are many of us on here would be only to delighted to hear the real

    stories of what happened

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  • hptmurphy
    Doubt if it will acknowledge the NS.

    people have by in large forgotten the contribution the NS made to this.

    Even in todays news papers the incident got a couple of paragraphs and covered everything from the local County Council to Canada and back and not one mention of the NS.

    Probably one of the highest profile events of this nature this country has ever had to partake in and the group that played the key role in the whole thing is never mentioned.

    Shame really.

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  • Brian McGrath
    started a topic Air India Crash RTE 1 Tue 22nd

    Air India Crash RTE 1 Tue 22nd

    Heads up for this one on RTE 1 Tuesday night at 10-35, documentry about the crash of Air India 182.

    Heres hoping it will acklowledge the part played by the Navy and all the people involved in this incident.