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    But this German U-boat's captain will never have to issue the order: 'Dive, Dive, Dive', because it is a replica canal boat - which floats in just six feet of water.

    The 70 foot long 'killer of the seas' surfaced yesterday on Leeds-Liverpool canal at Botany Bay near Chorley, Lancashire.

    It is the creation of 'Admiral' Cyril Howarth, 78, who was inspired by the film to build an exact replica of the craft which sank 3,000 Allied ships during the Second World War.

    And Cyril will never have to utter the famous quote from the 1981 film as his craft U-8047 cuts through the water at a leisurely three miles an hour.

    Cyril spent £25,000 on the shell of a traditional narrow boat and engine before spending a further £25,000 instructing a Liverpool-based yard to build him an identical U-boat super structure.

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    Definitely an entry for Random naval boats thread!
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      "Well, stone me! We've had cocaine, bribery and Arsenal scoring two goals at home. But just when you thought there were truly no surprises left in football, Vinnie Jones turns out to be an international player!" (Jimmy Greaves)!"


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        Cool idea.
        Originally posted by pmtts View Post
        exact replica ... identical
        Hardly. Did they have video screens in the 1940s?
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          Originally posted by Victor View Post
          Cool idea.Hardly. Did they have video screens in the 1940s?
          Calm down!! it's sensational journalism!! We all know that


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            Originally posted by pmtts View Post
            Calm down!! it's sensational journalism!! We all know that
            He's just jealous, that he hasnt got one.....
            But there's no danger
            It's a professional career
            Though it could be arranged
            With just a word in Mr. Churchill's ear
            If you're out of luck you're out of work
            We could send you to johannesburg.

            (Elvis Costello, Olivers Army)