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Warship AIS to be supplied.

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  • danno

    Hard to say given units requested for ships and ribs.Most likely the transponders are for ribs say 6 ships and one for a rib on each and poss one transponder for diving unit operating from shore.Again it may be the P50s already have the same compatible units.
    I would have thought a unit also needed for NS ops centre and one for training.
    Most likely ship units to be fitted in ops control as the helmsman will have enough VDUs wrecking his/her night vision and data repeated onto existing radar/gps display.

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  • Goldie fish
    started a topic Warship AIS to be supplied.

    Warship AIS to be supplied.

    Another one.

    Description of the contract
    Supply of Warship AIS


    3.1 General

    3.1.1 The system must comply with the following regulations:
    NATO STANAG 4668 Edition 2
    R4 Class A AIS 7000 108-011 Revision E2
    Encrypted to AES (FIPS PUB 197)

    3.1.2 System design will be robust, durable with a proven record of operation in a marine environment. All man/machine interfaces will be rugged and durable.

    3.1.3 W/AIS Transponder
    The transponder shall have the following features: The transponder should be D.C. powered either 12V or 24V. The transponder encryption shall be user programmable. Encryption keys shall be produced by a key generator and should be entered via a GUI. Time to live of keys shall be determined by user. An option to ensure that keys remain active indefinitely shall be provided. The transponder shall be able to transmit in Clear AIS or Encrypted W/AIS modes. The transponder shall be able to receive targets passively (i.e. without transmitting). It shall be able to receive both clear and W/AIS targets. After configuration it shall be able to operate without the need of a display unit.

    3.1.4 Display
    The display unit shall meet the following: The display may be used to enter transponder key. The display shall display a graphical overview of AIS targets positions The display shall be able to allow the user change between Passive, Encrypted and Hybrid modes. The display shall be a rugged and ergonomic design.

    3.2 Interfacing to existing INS equipment

    The supplier must ensure that supplied equipment provides the following functionality and interfaces to existing INS equipment as follows:

    3.2.1 Tactical and Navigational RADAR
    Interfacing to existing RADAR fits via NMEA string using RS422. BAUD rates of BOTH 4800 and 9600 must be provided

    3.2.2 C2DB
    The C2DB is a navy specific system used as a data gathering interface for the INS RMP (recognised maritime picture). It is imperative that the W/AIS can transmit targets to this system.

    3.2.3 ECDIS
    Interfacing to existing ECDIS fits via NMEA string using RS422. BAUD rates of 38400 (bi-directional)

    3.2.4. Existing W/AIS systems
    The INS has several W/AIS existing systems it is imperative that any future system be able to mesh with this system whilst both systems are in a secure (encrypted) mode. The existing systems conform to STANAG 4668 edition 2

    3.3 Equipment Required
    The INS requires transponders to be fitted in both Naval Service Vessels and RHIBs. The following is the breakdown of equipment required.

    6 (six) Units to comprise of Display, Transponder, AIS antenna, GPS, junction box and associated cables required to ensure operation of device.

    7 (seven) Transponders, AIS antenna, GPS antenna.

    Official Name:
    C A Clase Uk Ltd
    Postal Address:
    2 Mornington Place , Waterberry Drive,
    Postal Code:
    PO7 7XX

    +44 2392 247920
    +44 2392 261959
    Internet Address (URL):

    Only 6 units. I wonder which 2 ships are not getting it?