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navigational lights. Naval exemptions

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  • navigational lights. Naval exemptions

    A quick question for those Naval Types.

    If a Naval vessel of any country has to turn it's navigational lights out at night for the purpose of Surveillance. is their an exemption for this under COLREGS.


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    No, Colregs would still apply, if a master of a vessel engaged in surveillance decided to turn out his Nav Lights.
    However, a better lookout would be kept, preventing any collision from taking place.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      There is no exemption as such in the colregs unless the domestic law of the State concerned under which the regs have been transposed provides for one.However just as a squad car can exceed the speed limit etc any injury/damage done to innocent parties will still be payable even though the Garda driver may not fall foul of the RTA(I use word "may" as the GSOC might take a diff view.


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        Fádo , Fádo....the good ship Eithne was tasked with the interception of a Libyan registered Livestock vessel en route to Waterford and the 'Warlord' decided this was going to be his moment of Glory......darken ship lights out and we picked the suspect vessel up on radar about 2o miles out side Waterford..we had been steaming up and down the area all night darkened, no nav lights nothing......

        Suspect vessel turns up every light on the Eithne is turned on including the big search lights on the flag deck.....

        Oh **** Panic on the bridge , general chaos consumes the gaff shouting and screaming..kill the ligts ..kill the searchlights..darken ship..get the **** out of here.......

        Wrong ship...wasn't the big livestock carrier registered in Libya with loads of guns..turns out to be one of Bells Box boats on its way into Waterford.

        ' The 'Warlord' blew a gasket and as usual the poor exec got it in the neck.
        Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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          one other warlord had us in the same state and us in sea riders but being a chainsmoker he used to flick his cigs over the side..looked like a flare every time...nothing found that night they could see his signal from miles away..