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    I'm mixed up,which one is the Boarding boat ,and which one is the liberty boat? Earlier Photos of the PVs show 2 fibreglass Lifeboats in the davits,and the P20s had 2 types, and open boat,and a larger boat with 2 cabins. Where are these craft now?
    I remember they had a distinctive sound too.....
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      the boat with the twp cabins is the liberty boat and hung on the starboard side

      the open boat on the port side is the boarding boat.........Now originally Deirdre was fitted with a comercial type life boat on the starboard side ...and so carried her other two boat liberty and boarding boat on the port side... the Geminis were carried on a pltform over looking the afterdeck.

      Confused !...In 1986 deirdres life boat was removed permantly and as this weighed a couple of tons it upset the ships equilibrium and she took on a pronounced list to port which had to be corrected with ballast.........The ships boats remained on the port side......and the lifeboat was replaced with a second gemini.

      The life boat was moored for some time behind the old billets and was occassionally used for boat handling during seamanship courses and NCO courses.

      The boarding boats on all the naval vessels were removed and replaced with Avon 5.4 metre semi rigids....or Ribs to the common man. Liberty boat was a great detail while ar anchor as they were real nippy. Hated the boarding boat as launching and recovering them was a nightmare and you never knew if the bloody thing would start.
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