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Naval service transfer to coastguard

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  • Naval service transfer to coastguard

    Was just wondering, a friend of mine is in the local coastguard and its in the same town im from and i allways wanted to join it! i am a commited member of the naval reserve but its a lot of work traveling in and out of the city for weekly training and stuff and would like to try something new for a change, basically i need to know do i have to quit asm if i am to join the coast guard, i am almost certain i would have to but yet unsure. please help! also if i joined the coast guard would any of my training be accepted or would i have to start out from the bginning again with them. thanks guys

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    Is the Coastguard unit a cliff or boat unit?


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      both as far as i know but i will find out, i reckon it is a cliff unit but they are based in a bay so its possible they could be a boat unit aswell, from what my mate says is that trhey do alot of cliff work and mountaineering........


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        yep they are a cliff and boat unit


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            thanks posiedon but im getting sorted out at the mo, cheers any way....